D.Ed. Candidacy

The purpose of candidacy is to evaluate a student’s capacity to satisfactorily complete the degree requirements. The candidacy process typically begins at or approaching the time when the student has completed 18 credits in the EDLDR program.

For the D.Ed. degree, consideration is given to the student’s potential to develop and report new ideas, knowledge, or procedures related to practice. To demonstrate such capacity, students must submit a qualifying paper. This paper should thoughtfully, critically, and persuasively pose and explore a significant issue, question or problem related to the field. The paper may extend upon previous work submitted for course credit, but must  contain a substantial component of new work. Students should work to develop their paper ideas with their adviser or other faculty members. Candidacy papers are read by two faculty: the adviser, and another EDLDR faculty member chosen by the advisor in consultation with the student.

In addition to the qualifying paper, students will work with their adviser to complete a candidacy form.  The form includes the following:

  1. A brief statement of research interests, goals for the program, and career goals.
  2. A program plan listing courses already and those planned to be taken in the future.