D.Ed. Core Requirements

Major Field (48 credits)

In the Major Field Area, D.Ed. students are required to take a minimum of 48 credits in Educational Leadership courses and courses related to the graduate major field. These courses should be selected in consultation with the student’s adviser. If approved, transfer credits may be used to fulfill a portion of this requirement. At least one course is required from each of the six areas listed below:

  1. Administration, organization, and leadership
  2. Education policy
  3. Resource allocation
  4. Politics, community relations, and rural education issues
  5. Ethics, diversity, and special education
  6. Law and personnel management

General Studies / Minor Area (15 credits)

The courses required in General Studies are taken in support of and to supplement the major field area courses. Graduate School policy states:

  …an acceptable general studies group consists of at least 15 graduate credits, including those taken as part of a previous master’s degree (up to 6 credits), considered by the major program committee to provide valuable intellectual breadth for the candidate. (Note that a general studies group is not a minor and is not entered as such on the student’s transcript.) 

A candidate entering with a master’s degree in a field that would normally be regarded as appropriate for a minor may petition the major program committee for a waiver of the minor requirement. If the program chair then approves, a request for a waiver may be submitted by the chair to the director of Graduate Enrollment Services. Waiving the minor requirement does not reduce the residence or total credit requirements for the D.Ed. degree.

The 15 credit hours needed to fulfill the General Studies requirement should be taken outside of the EDLDR Program. These could include other Department of Education Policy Studies or College of Education courses. Coursework outside of the College is also strongly encouraged. Selection of these courses should be done in close consultation with the student’s academic adviser.

Special Education Focused Course (3 credits)

D.Ed. students are required to complete a minimum of 3 credits concerning special education issues (e.g., EDLDR 530- Leadership for Inclusive Education).

Research (9 credits)

D.Ed. students are required to complete the following: 

  1. 3 credits of quantitative research
  2. 3 credits of qualitative research
  3. 3 credits of research design or advanced research methods

Dissertation Research (15 credits)

These credits are to be completed following successful defense of student’s dissertation proposal. They serve to maintain the continuing connection between the student and the dissertation chair during the dissertation preparation process.