EDLDR Courses

Educational Leadership (EDLDR) and Related Courses

EDLDR 409: Leadership Studies in Popular Film
EDLDR 476: The Teacher and the Law
EDLDR 480: Introduction to Educational Leadership
EDLDR 528: Educational Politics in the U.S.
EDLDR 530: Leadership for Inclusive Education
EDLDR 531: Leadership and Diversity
EDLDR 533: Politics of Local School Districts
EDLDR 535: Interagency Relations in Education
EDLDR 536: The Federal Role in Education
EDLDR 540: Technology Applications in Educational Leadership
EDLDR 549: School District Improvement and Systemic Changes
EDLDR 551: Curriculum Design
EDLDR 559: School Improvement
EDLDR 560: Principles of Instructional Supervision
EDLDR 563: Designing Staff Development Programs
EDLDR 565: Personnel Management
EDLDR 567: Organizational Supervision
EDLDR 568: Principalship
EDLDR 569: Decision Making in Educational Organizations
EDLDR 573: Public School Finance
EDLDR 575: Ethics in Educational Leadership
EDLDR 576: Law and Education
EDLDR 577: Law and Ethics in Education
EDLDR 579: Public School Business Administration
EDLDR 584: Evaluation in Educational Organizations
EDLDR 587: Education Policy and Politics
EDLDR 595: Internship for Principals

Special Topics Courses (597) are offered each semester. A sampling of these courses is listed below:

EDLDR 597:  Educational Leadership Doctoral ProSeminar (offered each fall semester)
EDLDR 597:  East Asian Education, School Leadership, and Reform
EDLDR 597: Policy Seminar in Educational Leadership
EDLDR 597: Sociology of Rural Schools and Communities
EDLDR 597: Superintendency
EDLDR 597: Using and Understanding Education Data
EDLDR 597: Current Topics in Education Leadership Research, Policy, and Evaluation
EPS 597: Foundations of Educational Research
EDLDR 597: Civil Rights and Education

Research Courses most often taken by EDLDR graduate students. Students are encouraged to explore other research courses that may not appear on this list.

EPS 585: Research Design
EPS 586: Introduction to Qualitative Methods
EPS 588: Advanced Qualitative Methods
EDPSY 406: Applied Statistical Inference for the Behavioral Sciences
EDPSY 505: Statistical Applications in Educational Research
EDTHP 523 Interpreting and Analyzing Quantitative Studies in Education Policy
RSOC 573: Methods of Survey Data Analysis
EDLDR 584: Evaluation in Educational Organizations (Note: Only D.Ed. students can count this course as a research course)
EDLDR 589: The Use of Mixed Methods in Social Scientific Research
HIED 597: Data Analysis for Educational Policy