EDLDR Proseminar

The EDLDR proseminar, which is required for the Ph.D. degree, is offered annually in the fall semester. The primary purposes of this course are: to introduce new EDLDR graduate students to the field of educational research and to graduate studies at Penn State; to offer some preliminary discussions about the disciplinary and methodological traditions within educational research; to examine some educational topics, problems, or policies of current importance; to work on analytic skills through academic writing; to address essential issues in research ethics and to complete online training offered through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) program; and to familiarize students with the EDLDR faculty members and their research. This course is designed to meet the University’s SARI requirements for first-year graduate students.

The EDLDR program staff assistant will automatically register incoming Ph.D. students for the course.  Additionally, interested D.Ed. students and masters students should be informed about the course and with the consent of their adviser or the course instructor are welcome to join the course.