The Ph.D. program does not require a fixed total number of credit hours for completion. A candidate’s specific program is determined in consultation with the academic adviser. Students are required, however, to complete at least 18 credits in EDLDR courses (credits in EDLDR 600 or 601 do not apply to this requirement). Specific EDLDR coursework is selected under the guidance of the adviser and in relation to the candidate’s area of research interest. Other courses outside of EDLDR should be included in the program of study where they enhance and support the candidate’s research interests.

A three-credit colloquium/pro-seminar (currently listed as EDLDR 597) is required as part of the overall EDLDR credit hour requirement. The colloquium typically meets during the fall semester. It serves as an orientation to the program and an introduction to program faculty and their different research, teaching, and service activities.  Ph.D. students should enroll in the colloquium at their earliest opportunity. The EDLDR program staff assistant will automatically register incoming Ph.D. students for the course. Students are also required to complete Research, Policy and Evaluation in Educational Leadership offered spring semester each academic year.

The Ph.D. program coursework is a result of mutual consultation and planning involving the candidate and the academic adviser. Basic requirements include:

EDLDR Courses (includes Proseminar and Research, Policy and Evaluation) Minimum of 18 credit hours
Research Minimum of 12 credit hours
Supporting Field Minimum of 9 credit hours. (NOTE: Students may substitute research courses for Supporting Field courses.)
Dissertation Research As needed (typically a minimum of 9 credit hours)