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Volume 30, The Land-Grant Colleges and the Reshaping of American Higher Education - 2013

Preface, Roger L. Geiger & Nathan M. Sorber

Part I: Scientific and Social Foundations

  1. Introduction, Nathan M. Sorber
  2. Institutionalizing Agricultural Research in the Early American Republic: An International Perspective, Adam R. Nelson
  3. Creating Colleges of Science, Industry, and National Advancement: The Origins of the New England Land-Grant Colleges, Nathan M. Sorber
  4. Educating the Toiling Peoples: Students at the Illinois Industrial University, Spring 1868, J. Gregory Behle

Part II: The Politics of Launching Land-Grant Colleges, 1862-1890

  1. Introduction, Nathan M. Sorber
  2. Saving the Land Grant for the Agricultural College of Pennsylvania, Peter L. Moran & Roger L. Williams
  3. "An Elephant In The Hands of the State": Creating the Texas Land-Grant College, Susan R. Richardson

Part III: Agriculture and Engineering, 1880-1900

  1. Introduction, Roger L. Geiger
  2. The Populist Vision for Land-Grant Universities, 1880-1900, Scott Gelber
  3. Robert H. Thurston, Modern Engineering Education, and Its Diffusion through Land-Grant Universities, Gregory Zieren

Part IV: Land-Grant Universities, 1900-1940

  1. Introduction, Roger L. Geiger
  2. President Edmund J. James and the University of Illinois, 1904-1920: Redeeming the Promise of the Morrill Land-Grant Act, Winton U. Solberg
  3. Transforming the Land Grant: The University of New Hampshire and The Pennsylvania State University Under the Leadership of Ralph Dorn Hetzel, Jane Robbins

Part V: Universities and the Land-Grant Mission Since 1930

  1. Introduction, Roger L. Geiger
  2. The Land-Grant Colleges, Cooperative Extension, and the New Deal, Christopher P. Loss
  3. Social Science over Agriculture: Reimagining the Land-Grant Mission at the University of California-Irvine in the 1960s, Ethan Schrum
  4. Storying and Restorying the Land-Grant System, Scott J. Peters

Volume 29, Higher Education for African Americans before the Civil Rights Era, 1900-1964 - 2012

  1. Introduction: Higher Education for African-Americans before the Civil Rights Era, 1900-1964, Marybeth Gasman & Roger L. Geiger
  2. City Normal Schools and Municipal Colleges in the Upward Expansion of Higher Education for African Americans, Michael Fultz
  3. Nooses, Sheets, and Blackface: White Racial Anxiety and Black Student Presence at Six Midwest Flagship Universities, 1882-1937, Richard M. Breaux
  4. A Nauseating Sentiment, a Magical Device, or a Real Insight? Interractialism at Fisk University in 1930, Lauren Kientz Anderson
  5. "Only Organized Effort Will Find the Way Out!": Faculty Unionization at Howard University, 1918-1950, Timothy Reese Cain
  6. Competing Visions of Higher Education: The College of Liberal Arts Faculty and the Administration of Howard University, 1939-1960, Louis Ray
  7. The First Black Talent Identification Program: The National Scholarship Service and Fund for Negro Students, 1947-1968, Linda M. Perkins

Volume 28 - 2011

  1. Memories of Mary: Changing Interpretations of the Founder in the Secularization Process of Mount Holyoke Seminary and College, 1837-1937, Andrea L. Turpin
  2. College Presidents, Public Image, and the Popular Press: A Comparative Study of Francis L. Patton of Princeton and Seth Low of Columbia, 1888-1902, Joby Topper
  3. The Making of a Celebrity President: John Erskine and the Juilliard School, Katherine Chaddock
  4. Building an Icon: The Rise and Fall of John G. Bowman, Chancellor of the University of Pittsburgh, 1921-1945, Christian K. Anderson
  5. Encounters with Genius Loci: Herman Wells at/and/of Indiana University, James H. Capshew
  6. Clark Kerr's Early Career, Social Science, and the American University, Ethan Schrum
  7. The "Host at Last": Abram Sachar and the Establishment of Brandeis University, Nancy Diamond

Volume 27 - 2008

  1. The latest volume on the history of higher education, Roger Geiger
  2. Timothy J. Williams mines the diaries of students at the University of North Carolina
  3. Marc A. VanOverbeke continues the topic in an essay
  4. Katherine V. Sedgwick explores a distinctive manifestation by questioning why the curriculum of Bryn Mawr College did not reflect the religious intentions of its Quaker founder and trustees

Volume 26 - 2007

  1. The initial Reception of MIT, 1860s-1880s, A.J. Angulo
  2. Noah Porter Revisited, George Levesque
  3. For Education and Employment: The American Federation of Teachers and Academic Freedom, 1926-1941, Timothy Reese Cain
  4. Conservatism Goes to College: The Role of Philanthropic Foundations in the Rise of Conservative Student Networks, Jennifer de Forest
  5. Nicholas Murray Butler: James McKeen Cattell, and the Educational Review: Footnote to a Famous Feud, Paul M. McInerny
  6. Selected Recent Dissertations in the History of Higher Education

Volume 25 - 2006

  1. Northern Piety and Southern Honor: Alva Woods and the Problem of Discipline at the University of Alabama, 1831-1837, Stephen Tomlinson & Kevin Windham
  2. Nationalist Science and International Academic Travel in the Early Nineteenth Century: Geological Surveys and Global Economics, 1800-1840, Adam R. Nelson
  3. Shaping Patent Policy: The National Research Council and the Universities from World War I to the 1960s, Jane Robbins
  4. The Academic Work Ethic at Yale, 1939-1982, Robert L. Hampel
  5. Review Essay: Nineteenth Century Coeds and the Value of an "Identified" Life, Doris J. Malkmus
  6. Review Essay: "Time, Place, and Character": The American College and the University Presidency in the Late Twentieth Century, Nancy Diamond
  7. Selected Recent Dissertations in the History of Higher Education

Volume 24 - 2005 (Name changed to Perspectives on the History of Higher Education)

  1. Piggy Goes to Harvard: Mass Magazines, the Middle , and the Re-Conceptualization of College for a Corporate Age, 1895-1910, Daniel A. Clark
  2. "What Gender is Lex?" Women, Men, and Power Relations in Colleges of the Nineteenth Century, Michael David Cohen
  3. The "Problem of the Gifted Student": National Research Council Efforts to Identify and Cultivate Undergraduate Talent in a New Era of Mass Education, 1919-1929, Jane Robbins
  4. Reds, Race, and Research: Homer P. Rainey and the Grand Texas Tradition of Political Interference, 1939-1944, Susan R. Richardson
  5. A Not-So-Systematic Effort to Study Art: Albert Barnes and Lincoln University, Edward Epstein & Marybeth Gasman
  6. Selected Recent Dissertations in the History of Higher Education

Volume 23 - 2003-2004

  1. Higher Education and Civil Rights: South Carolina, 1860s-1960s, Peter Wallenstein
  2. In Pursuit of Excellence: Desegregation and Southern Baptist Politics at Furman University, Courtney L. Tollison
  3. Quirks, Quacks, Agitators, and Communists”: Private Black Colleges and the Limits of Institutional Autonomy, Joy Ann Williamson
  4. Collegiate Living and Cambridge Justice: Regulating the Colonial Harvard Student Community in the Eighteenth Century, John Burton
  5. Envisioning an Urban University: President David Henry and the Chicago Circle Campus of the University of Illinois, 1955-1975, Fred W. Beuttler Review Essay: From Donnish Dominion to Economic
  6. Engine: Explaining the Late John F. Halsey & 20th Century Revolution in English Higher Education, W. Bruce Leslie
  7. Encyclopedias as Institutional History, Roger L. Geiger & Christian K. Anderson
  8. Recent Dissertations in the History of Higher Education

Volume 22 - 2002

  1. A Canon of Democratic Intent: Reinterpreting the Roots of the Great Books Movement, Katherine Chaddock Reynolds
  2. Small Towns, Small Sects, and Coeducation in Midwestern Colleges, 1853-1861, Doris Malkmus
  3. A Word for Every Occasion: John D. Rockefeller Jr. and the United Negro College Fund, 1944-1960, Marybeth Gasman
  4. The 1947 President's Commission on Higher Education and the National Rhetoric on Higher Education Policy, Philo Hutcheson
  5. Research Note: State Higher Education Database, 1870-1965: An Introduction, Susan R. Richardson
  6. Recent Dissertations in the History of Higher Education

Volume 21 - 2001

  1. Student Religious Life in the "Era of Secularization:" The Intercollegiate YMCA, 1877-1940, David P. Setran
  2. Origins of the YMCA Universities: Organizational Adaptations in Urban Education, Dorothy E. Finnegan & Brian Cullaty
  3. Contested Ground: Howard Odum, the Southern Agrarians, and the Emerging University in the South During the 1930s, Amy E. Wells
  4. From the Sit-Ins to Vietnam: The Evolution of the Student Activism on Southern College Campuses, 1960-1970, Jeffrey Turner
  5. Rethinking American Professional Education, Jurgen Herbst
  6. Recent Dissertations in the History of Higher Education

Volume 20 - 2000

  1. Before and After Humboldt: European Universities Between the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries, Robert Anderson
  2. The Independent Intellectual as Academic Gadfly: One Variety of Anti-Academicism, Hugh Hawkins
  3. Rethinking Boundaries: The History of Women, Philanthropy, and Higher Education, Andrea Walton
  4. Retrospective: A Not so Distant Mirror: Great Depression Writings on the Governance and Finance of Public Higher Education, Richard Novak & David Leslie
  5. Symposium Report: Exploring Our Professional Backyards: Toward Writing Recent History of American Colleges and Universities
    1. Editor's Introduction, Roger L. Geiger
    2. Institutional Histories: State of the Art, David B. Potts
    3. Writing Postwar Institutional Histories, W. Bruce Leslie
    4. Review Essay: Markets and History: Selective Admissions and American Higher Education Since 1950, Roger L. Geiger
  6. Recent Dissertations in the History of Higher Education

Volume 19 - 1999 - Southern Higher Education in the 20th Century

  1. The Articulation of Secondary and Higher Education: Four Historical Models at the University of Georgia, J. Patrick McCarthy
  2. Guiding Desegregation: The Role of "the Intelligent White Men of the South" 1845-1954, Melissa F. Kean
  3. Opportunity Squandered: Tulane University and the Issue of Racial Desegregation During the 1950s, Clarence L. Mohr
  4. Catching Up: The Advance of Emory University Since World War II, Nancy Diamond
  5. In Pursuit of Prominence: James B. Holderman at the University of South Carolina, 1977-1991, Henry H. Lesesne,
  6. Recent Dissertations in the History of Higher Education

Volume 18, The Land-Grant Act and American Higher Education: Context and Consequences - 1998

  1. Alden Partridge's Proposal for a National System of Education: A Model for the Morrill Act, Gary Thomas Lord
  2. Leading and Losing in the Agricultural Educational Movement: Farmer's College, 1946-1884, Julianna Chaszar
  3. The Rise and Fall of Useful Knowledge: Higher Education for Science, Agriculture & the Mechanic Arts, 1850-1875, Roger L. Geiger
  4. Justin S. Morrill and George W. Atherton: A Quarter Century Collaboration, Roger L. Williams
  5. The Second Morrill Act and Jim Crow Politics: Arkansas A&M College, 1890-1927, C. Fred Williams
  6. The Social Origins of Students at Illinois Industrial University, 1868-1894, J. Gregory Behle & William E. Maxwell
  7. The Humanist Revolution in America, 1820-1860: Classical Antiquity in the Colleges, Caroline Winterer
  8. Recent Dissertations in the History of Higher Education

Volume 17 - 1997

  1. The Urban Catholic University in the Early Twentieth Century: Depaul, 1898-1940, John L. Rury
  2. In the President's Opinion: Robert Maynard Hutchins and the University of Chicago, Philo A. Hutcheson
  3. The Politics of Opportunity: Out-of-State Aid, and Black Higher Education in the South, Jayne R. Beilke
  4. The Political Culture of America's Antebellum Colleges, Paul H. Mattingly Historical Sociology Meets the Credentialing Society, John F. P. Halsey & W. Bruce Leslie
  5. Recent Dissertations in the History of Higher Education

Volume 16 - 1996

  1. The Harvard Tutors: The Beginning of an Academic Profession, 1690-1825, John D. Burton
  2. "A Salutary Rivalry": The Growth of Higher Education for Women in Oxford, Ohio, 1855-1867, Margaret A. Nash
  3. "Noah Porter Writ Large": Reflections on the Modernization of American Education and Its Critics, 1866-1916, Peter Dobkin Hall
  4. Californians and Public Higher Education: Political Culture, Educational Opportunity and State Policymaking, John Aubrey Douglass
  5. College As It Was in the Mid-Nineteenth Century, Roger L. Geiger & Julie Ann Bubolz
  6. The Rise of the University and the Secularization of the Academy: The Role of Liberal Protestantism, Kathleen A. Mahoney
  7. Recent Dissertations in the History of Higher Education

Volume 15 - 1995

  1. The Rights of Man and the Rites of Youth: Fraternity and Riot at Eighteenth Century Harvard, Leon Jackson
  2. The Era of Multi-Purpose Colleges in American Higher Education, 1850-1890, Roger L. Geiger
  3. A "Curious Working of Cross Purposes" in the Founding of the University of Chicago, Willard J. Pugh
  4. Patterns of Access to the Modern European Universities: The Social Origins of Students, Fritz Ringer
  5. Review Essay: The Academic Revolution Across Three Cultures, W. Bruce Leslie
  6. Recent Dissertations in the History of Higher Education

Volume 14 - 1994

  1. Perspectives on the Nineteenth Century: Introduction to Volume Fourteen, Roger L. Geiger
  2. From Academy to University in New York State: The Genesee Institutions and the Importance of Capital to the Success of an Idea, 1848-1871, Nancy Beadie
  3. "We Desire Our Future Rulers to be Educated Men:" South Carolina College, the Defense of Slavery, and the Development of Secessionist Politics, Michael Sugrue
  4. Bringing Science to the South: The School for the Application of Science to the Arts at the University of South Carolina, Thomas Kevin B. Cherry
  5. Patterns of Access to Modern European Universities: Rates of Enrollment, Fritz Ringer
  6. Recent Dissertations in the History of Higher Education

Volume 13 - 1993

  1. Introduction to Volume Thirteen, Roger L. Geiger
  2. "Backing into Sponsored Research": Physics and Engineering at Princeton University, 1945-1970, Amy Sue Bix
  3. American Universities and the Inclusion of Professional Schools, Hugh Hawkins
  4. The 'German Model' and the Graduate School: The University of Michigan and the Origin Myth of the American University, James Turner & Paul Bernard
  5. The Chinese Scholars and the Modern University: The Appropriation of Foreign Educational Models, 1900-1930, Diana Chen
  6. Nathan Glazer's "Schools of the Minor Professions" and the Evolution of Schools of Education, Business, and Journalism, Patricia L. Gregg

Volume 12 - 1992

  1. Introduction to Volume Twelve, Harold S. Wechsler
  2. The Historical Matrix of American Higher Education, Roger L. Geiger
  3. Responses to "The Historical Matrix of American Higher Education,"  E.D. Duryea, Jurgen Herbst, & W. Bruce Leslie
  4. No Shade in the Golden State: School and University in Nineteenth Century California, Geraldine Joncich Clifford
  5. Conflict and Community in Soviet Institutes of Higher Education, 1921-1928, Peter Konecny
  6. Translatio Studii: The Transfer of Learning From the Old World to the New, Jurgen Herbst
  7. Centralization and Decentralization of State Decision Making for Public Universities: Illinois, 1960-1990, Carol Everly Floyd
  8. Review Essay: The Not-So-Old-Time College, Roger Williams

Volume 11 - 1991

  1. Celebrating Roots: Sesquicentennials and the Distinctiveness of the Liberal Arts College, John S. Whitehead, Jurgen Herbst, & David B. Potts
  2. Institutional History and Ideology: The Evolution of Two Women’s Colleges, Ted I.K. Youn & Karyn A. Loscocco
  3. The Hebrew Technion in Haifa, Israel (1902-1950): Academic and National Dilemmas, Yuval Dror
  4. Requiem for a Pioneer of Women's Higher Education: The Ingham University of Le Roy, New York, 1857-1892, Richard L. Wing
  5. Review Essay: Places Where Status is Sought, Nancy Hoffman

Volume 10 - 1990

  1. The University of Padua 1405-1600: A Success Story, Paul F.Grendler
  2. When Professors Had Servants: Prestige, Pay and Professionalization, 1860-1917, W. Bruce Leslie
  3. Subway Scholars at Concrete Campuses: Daughters of Jewish Immigrants Prepared for the Teaching Profession, New York City, 1920-1940, Ruth Jacknow Markowitz
  4. Politics, Science, and Education in New Mexico: The Racial-Attitudes Survey of 1933, Lynne Marie Getz
  5. The Gender Effect: The Early Curricula of Beloit College and Rockford Female Seminary, Lucy Townsend
  6. Review Essay: Toward a Political History of American Foundations, David C. Hammack

Volume 9 - 1989

  1. Race,  and the Bonds of Womanhood at Spelman Seminary, 1881-1923, Lynn D. Gordon
  2. Promoting "Responsible Freedom": Administrators and Social Fraternities at the University of Illinois, 1900-1931, Finnegan Terence
  3. "The Best Emissaries": M.B.A. Students at Cornell University, 1948-1987, James W. Schmotter
  4. Nelson Rockefeller and the Politics of Higher Education in New York State, Judith S. Glazer
  5. Review Essay: Writing the History of the Disciplines, Steven J. Diner
  6. Review Essay: Athletics and the Academy, Nancy J. Struna

Volume 8 - 1988

  1. Exile and Return: Political Science in the Context of (West-) German University Development from Weimer to Bonn, Rainer Eisfeld
  2. Abraham Flexner and the Politics of Educational Reform, Steven C. Wheatley
  3. "Forcing Them to be Free": Antioch College and Progressive Education in the 1920s, Judith Sealander
  4. "Putting a Woman in Sole Power": The Presidential Succession at Bryn Mawr College, 1892-1894, Cynthia F. Brown
  5. Review Essay: Mixed Blessings: Science and Specialization in American Medical Education, Ellen More
  6. Review Essay: Lawrence Cremin on American Higher Education, James McLachlan

Volume 7 - 1987

  1. Revisiting Hutchins and The Higher Learning in America, Benjamin McArthur
  2. The Graduate Education of a Black Scholar: Horace Mann Bond and the University of Chicago, Wayne J. Urban
  3. Preserving the Pedestal: Restrictions on Social Life at Southern Colleges for Women, 1920-1940, Amy Thompson Candless
  4. The Founding and Early Years of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, Robert E. Fierstien
  5. Against the Odds: Mother Irene Gill and the Founding of the College of New Rochelle, Tracy Mitrano
  6. Review Essay: Knowledge and Power: American Higher Education in the Twentieth Century, Robert L. Church
  7. Review Essay: Social Science and the Social Functions of Ideas, Thomas S. Popkewitz

Volume 6 - 1986

  • Farmers' Daughters: The Education of Women at Alfred Academy and University Before the Civil War, Kathryn M. Kerns
  1. "The Kind of Knowledge of Most Worth to Young Women": Post-Secondary Vocational Training for Teaching and Motherhood at the Wheelock School, 1888-1914, Barbara Beatty
  2. The Challenge of Jane Addams: A Research Note, Ellen Condliffe
  3. Lagemann Education for Equality: Women's Rights Periodicals and Women's Higher Education, 1849-1920, Patricia Smith Butcher
  4. The Turning Point in American Jesuit Higher Education: The Standardization Controversy Between the Jesuits and the North Central Association, 1915-1940, Lester F. Goodchild
  5. Review Essay: Celebrating Fair Harvard, Suzanne Hildenbrand

Volume 5 - 1985

  1. John Calvin and the Geneva Academy: Roots of the Board of Trustees, Alan Karp
  2. Problems in Categorization and Generalization in the History of American Higher Education: An Approach Through the Institutional Associations, Hugh Hawkins
  3. Henry Suzzallo and the University of a Thousand Years, Donald T. Williams
  4. The Politics of Education and Reform: Henry Garland Bennett in Oklahoma, 1907-1951, Courtney Ann Vaughn-Roberson
  5. The Role of Politics in the Organization and Development of Public Higher Education in Idaho and Washington, Lois A. Fisher

Volume 4 - 1984

  1. The Conditions of University Research, 1900-1920, Roger L. Geiger
  2. Donald Davidson’s Cultural Conservative Critique of the New University Movement in the South, John H. Kohler III
  3. "Oars and the Man": Pleasure and Purpose in Victorian and Edwardian Cambridge, J. A. Mangan
  4. "What if the Power Does Lie Within Me?": Women Students at the University of Wisconsin, 1875-1900, Amy Hague
  5. Discrimination at Syracuse University, 1916-1952, Harvey Strum

Volume 3 - 1983

  1. Henry Flynt and The Great Awakening at Harvard College (1741-1744), Edward T. Dunn
  2. Between the Old-Time College and the Modern University: Noah Porter and the New Haven Scholars, Louise L. Stevenson
  3. Incipit Vita Nuova: Founding Ideals of the Wellesley College Community, Patricia Palmieri
  4. Establishing a University in a Country Town: An Australian Case, Bruce Mitchell
  5. From Tutor to Specialized Scholar: Academic Professionalization in Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century America, Martin Finkelstein
  6. Vision and Fulfillment: The Evolution of the Hebrew University, 1901-1950, Yaacov Iram

Volume 2 - 1982

  1. Oxford Dons and Professional Men in Victorian England, Arthur Engel
  2. "Western Colleges, 1830-1870: Educational Institutions in Transition, James Findlay
  3. The Mental Hygiene Movement and the Development of Personality: Changing Conceptions of the American College and University, 1920-40, Sol Cohen
  4. Academic Quality Rankings: Why They Developed in the United States and Not Europe, David S. Webster
  5. Against the Grain: Toward an Alternative Interpretation of Academic Professionalization, Sheila Slaughter & Edward T. Silva

Volume 1 - 1981

  1. A Message to Lushtamar: The Hilprecht Controversy and Semitic Scholarship in America, Paul Ritterband & Harold Wechsler
  2. Church, State, and Higher Education: College Government in the American Colonies and States before 1820, Jurgen Herbst
  3. Education in Conflict: The Booker Washington Institute of Liberia, Donald Spivey
    Curriculum and Enrollments: Some Thoughts on Assessing the Popularity of Antebellum Colleges, David B. Potts
  4. The Bryn Mawr Workers' Summer School, 1921-1933: A Surprising Alliance, Rita R. Heller
  5. The University Under Mussolini: The Fascist-Catholic Struggle for Italian Youth, 1922-43, Richard J. Wolff