Current Issue

Volume 31, Shaping the American Faculty - 2015

  1. Introduction: Professionalization of the American Faculty in the Twentieth Century by Roger L. Geiger
  2. University Control: The Struggle for Faculty Governance in American Universities and the Creation of Faculty Senates by Christian K. Anderson
  3. The Role of Publicity in the Formation of the American Association of University Professors, 1913-1919 by Zachary Haberler
  4. The Arrival of "Up-or-Out" Tenure: James B. Conant and the "Tempest at Harvard," 1936-1939 by Richard F. Tiechgraeber III
  5. Firing Larry Gara: Grove City College, Due Process, and Institutional Autonomy by Stephen Taaffe
  6. Developing the Whole Student: Edmund G. Williamson, Psychologist-Administrators, and the Student Affairs Movement by Tom McCarthy

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