Graduate Minor

Doctoral Minor in Higher Education (HIED)

Doctoral students who find it advantageous to include HIED content, methods, and policy analysis in their program of study may complete a minor in higher education. Students who are interested in the HIED doctoral minor should send a letter of interest to the administrative assistant of the HIED program (Susan Bass, that includes a rationale for pursuing a minor in HIED.  Then, if approved by the professor-in-charge of the HIED program, the student will be required:

  • To complete a minimum of 15 HIED credits as follows:
    • 3 credits, HIED 501 or HIED 545
    • 3 credits, HIED 502
    • 3 credits, HIED 552
    • 3 credits, HIED 556
    • 3 credits, Elective
  • To include a HIED faculty representative on their doctoral committee in the role of “Minor Field Member.”
  • To fill out a ‘Request to Add Graduate Minor’ form.  Form can be found at: