Certificate Programs and Graduate Minor

Information for those interested in the field of institutional research and the IR Certificate program at the Penn State College of Education.

The Higher Education Program at Penn State offers course work leading to a Graduate Certificate in Institutional Research. The 15-credit program, designed to provide students with the skills that support institutional planning, assessment and policy formation, has been created for:

  • in-career professionals, graduate students, institutional researchers, and
  • persons employed in related fields.

The courses that make up the certificate can be either taken exclusively online, or students may choose to enroll in elective courses that are offered on Penn State's University Park campus. The program provides considerable flexibility in the choice of courses as well as in the time taken to complete the certificate program. In addition, individual online courses will be open to those seeking to upgrade their skills without wishing to complete the certificate.

Advisement will be provided via distance by program faculty based upon a program of study form completed by the student.

Doctoral Minor in Higher Education (HIED)

Doctoral students who find it advantageous to include HIED content, methods, and policy analysis in their program of study may complete a minor in higher education. Students who are interested in the HIED doctoral minor should send a letter of interest to the administrative assistant of the HIED program (Susan Bass, sgb13@psu.edu) that includes a rationale for pursuing a minor in HIED.  Then, if approved by the professor-in-charge of the HIED program, the student will be required:

  • To complete a minimum of 15 HIED credits as follows:
    • 3 credits, HIED 501 or HIED 545
    • 3 credits, HIED 502
    • 3 credits, HIED 552
    • 3 credits, HIED 556
    • 3 credits, Elective
  • To include a HIED faculty representative on their doctoral committee in the role of “Minor Field Member.”
  • To fill out a ‘Request to Add Graduate Minor’ form.  Form can be found at: http://gradschool.psu.edu/faculty-and-staff/forms/ges/#Student_Forms.