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Listing of EPS students currently looking for jobs.
T. Derreth R. Tyler Derreth is a Ph.D. candidate in the Higher Education program at Penn State. His research concentrates on urban community-university partnerships, critical pedagogies and curriculum, and social justice in education. His ethnographic dissertation explores equitable urban community-university partnerships through community based learning and other academic practices that center marginalized voices in a critical educational environment. Other projects focus on liberal arts education, service learning, and identity formation. Derreth has worked with Penn State to develop the Student Engagement Network and the Faculty Academy for Engaged Scholarship, both of which support university-wide faculty and student engagement efforts with various local and global communities.  In addition, he currently works with the Penn State Greater Allegheny campus to create a community revitalization curriculum across disciplines. Prior to pursuing his Ph.D., Derreth worked as a K-12 English teacher in Baltimore City Public Schools.

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A. Hulbert Azalea Hulbert is a Ph.D. candidate in Higher Education at Penn State. Her work lies at the intersection of educational and management research, incorporating organizational perspectives into the study of higher education. Using a qualitative approach, her dissertation focuses on academic integrity, specifically on the interaction between students and their educational environments and the impact such interactions may have on students’ integrity-related behaviors. Other ongoing projects focus on leadership and administrative issues, including research on upper echelons leadership in higher education and faculty academic freedom in changing legal environments. She is coauthor of the recent book, Ghostwriting and the Ethics of Authenticity. Azalea earned the M.B.A. degree from Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama, and was previously program manager of a university center for ethics and leadership.

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C. Nguyen Chi Nguyen is a dual-title Ph.D. candidate in Educational Leadership and Comparative & International Education at Penn State. Her research focuses on equity and access to education for socioeconomically disadvantaged and minority youth. In particular, she examines how race, class, immigrant status, and geographic residency intersect to shape the educational aspirations and opportunities of underserved students. Her recent studies investigate the impact of educational and immigrant policies on immigrant students in the United States and explore the postsecondary educational aspirations of high school students in rural and urban Vietnam. Chi earned an M.S.Ed degree in Education, Culture, and Society at the University of Pennsylvania and a B.A. degree in International Studies at Hanoi University, Vietnam. Prior to graduate school, she worked as an academic coordinator for an undergraduate program at International School, Vietnam National University. She also co-founded the Vietnam Youth Education Support Center (4T), a local non-profit organization that supports comprehensive youth development.

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D. Wright Dwayne Kwaysee Wright is a Ph.D. candidate in Higher Education at Penn State. Through his work, Dwayne seeks to enhance educational opportunity and establish educational equality for all students. His areas of research interest include undergraduate Black Greek life; access, diversity, and equity policies for underserved populations in higher education; the use and influence of social science research in law; critical race theory and critical pedagogy in post-secondary education. His dissertation utilizes ethnographic methods to examine the influence of diversity and inclusion on the cultural of learning and living for marginalized/minoritized students in professional schools. Dwayne joined the Ph.D program after having earned a Juris Doctor from The Pennsylvania State University Dickinson School of Law (Penn State Law), a Masters of Education from Penn State, and a Bachelor’s of Arts in Political Science from The Norfolk State University.

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