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2005-06 Student Dissertation Research Initiation Grant Recipients

2005-06 Student Alumni Society Research Initiation Grant Recipients

Graduate student Dissertation Research Initiation Grants for College of Education doctoral students at University Park are offered each fall and spring semester through the generosity of the Office of the Dean of the College of Education. Students must be at the dissertation level to apply. Below are the 2005-06 recipients.

Christian Anderson- $600.00
The Development of the Faculty Senate at the American Public Research University

Vicki Baker- $600.00
Professional Identity Development Among Business PhD Students: A Social Networks Perspective

Tsung-Yen Chuang- $600.00
The Effects of Computer and Video Gaming as Play Effects on Elementary Students' Cognitive Processes and Learning Achievements in Taiwan

Shanetia Clark- $600.00
Teachers and Technology:Unpacking Power and Motivation in a Technology-rich District

Anna Marie Conner- $600.00
The Relationship Between Teachers' Conceptions of Proof and Their Facilitation of Argumentation in Mathematics Classrooms

Eric Cummings- $600.00
The Roles of Conceptions of Intelligence and Considerations of Context in Principals' Interpretation of External Policy Requirements and Implementation of Loca1 Policy

April Lamanno- $600.00
Exploring the Use of Graphic Novels and Motivation in the Classroom: Is Exposure to Non-Traditional Texts Increasing the Reading Comprehension Skills of Adolescent Readers?

Sarah Zappe- $600.00
Development of a Mixed Methods Design for Validating the Construct Equivalence of Multiple Test Fonns