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2014-15 Dissertation Research Initiation Grant Winners

student research initiation grant winners

Graduate student Dissertation Research Initiation Grants for College of Education doctoral students at University Park are offered each fall and spring semester through the generosity of the Office of the Dean of the College of Education. Students must be at the dissertation level to apply. Below are the 2014-15 recipients and the title of their dissertation research.

Christos Anagiotos

Learning ethno-national identity on the divided island of Cyprus: Narratives from Greek-Cypriot and turkish-Cypriot

Tenille Cannon

Prospective Mathematics Teachers' Orientation Toward Mathematical Processes Influence on Selecting, Modigying, and Sequencing Mathematical Tasks

Ramazan Gungor

Literacy and Perceived Social Support: The Case of Mother Child Education Foundation (MOCEF) in Turkey

Daniella Hall

Local Control as Resistance: A Qualitative Case Study of Rural School Boards' Educational Policy Enactment

Yanhong Liu

Variables Associated with Attachment Security and Indiscriminate Friendliness in Chinese Adopted Children in the U.S.

Amy Ricketts

Understanding Cultural Norms in a Teacher Learning Group

Monica Smith

The Culture of a Ritualized Mathematics Teaching Practice

Alison Tyler

The Regulated Environment: Discipline Policy as Symbolic Action

Justin Watts

Factors affecting counseling working alliance for individuals with substance dependence and a history of child-maltreatment