A glossary for acronyms used in CAEP reporting

CAEP Accreditation Glossary for Acronyms

AAC – Assessment and Accreditation Coordinator
ACT – American College Testing
ACTFL – American Council on Teaching of Foreign Languages
AEE – Agricultural and Extension Education
AGED – Agriculture Education
AGWF – Agriculture Education and Work Force
ASTN – Alumni Student Teaching Network
AY – Academic Year
BYOD – Bring Your Own Device
CAED – Childhood and Adolescent Education
CEC – Council for Exceptional Children
CI – Curriculum and Instruction
CIFE – Curriculum and Instruction Field Experiences
C&S – Curriculum and Supervision
CTE – Career and technology educators
DI – Discipline Inquiry
edTPA - Educative Teacher Performance Assessment
ECE – Early Childhood Education
EDUCATE – Exploring Directions in Ubiquitous Computing and Teacher Education
EECE – Elementary and Early Childhood Education
ELL – English Language Learner
ESL – English as a Second Language
ETM – Entry To Major
ETS – Education Testing Services
FYS – First Year Seminar
GPA – Grade Point Average
HPE – Health and Physical Education
HS – High School
IEP - Individualized Education Program
InTASC - Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium
ISTE – International Society for Technology in Education
IUG – Integrated Undergraduate/ Graduate Programs
LDT – Learning Design and Technology
LLAED - Lifelong Learning and Adult Education
MOA – Memorandum of Agreement
MOU – Memorandum of Understanding
NAEYC – National Association for the Education of Young Children
NASM – National Association of Schools of Music
NBPTS - National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
NCES – National Center for Education Statistics
NCSS – National Council for the Social Studies
NSF – National Science Foundation
PA – Pennsylvania
PAPA – Pre-service Academic Performance Assessment
PCCC – Professional Certification Coordinating Council
PDE – Pennsylvania Department of Education
PDS – Professional Development School
PECT – Pennsylvania Educator Certification Test
PPAT - Praxis Performance Assessment for Teachers
PSU – Pennsylvania State University
QAS – Quality Assurance System
Re-AIM – Reach; effectiveness; Adoption; Implementation; Maintenance
RHS – Rehabilitation and Health Services
SAT – Scholastic Aptitude Test
SCASD – State College Area School District
SCOPE – Summer College Opportunity Program in Education
SRC – Survey Research Center
SECED – Secondary Education
SLO – Student Learning Objectives
SPA – Specialized Professional Associations
SPLED – Special Education
STEM - fields of science, technology, engineering and math
UAO – Undergraduate Admission Office
WFED – Workforce Education