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Faculty Council Meeting Minutes for March 20, 2014

March 20, 2014
2:30pm – 4:00pm
221 Chambers


Members of the Council in attendance were Dr.’s Bernard Badiali, Bill Carlsen, David Gamson, Scott Metzger, Dana Mitra, David Monk, Rayne Sperling, Jeanine Staples, Julia Plummer, Pamela Wolfe, and Heather Zimmerman.


A quorum was reached to conduct official business at this meeting.


  1. Approval of February 20, 2014 Minutes.

  2. Announcements by the Chair
    1. Nominations for Chair Elect, Faculty Council and staffing of Council for next year needs to happen within the departments before the next meeting.

  3. Communications to Faculty Council
    1.  None.

  4. Comments by the Dean
    1.  Searches continue.  To date we have 5 offers accepted, 4 offers pending and 3 searches in progress.  We are dealing with many partner issues that can be complicated.
    2.  Searches are underway to identify replacements for both Karen Mogle and Sharon Patrick from the Dean’s Office.
    3.  Strategic Planning process is continuing.  Leaders for the focus groups have been established.  Plans have come in from the Departments and some from other budget units within the College.  The steering committee met yesterday.  And the values survey should be released within the next 3-4 weeks which we will be using  to help inform our strategic plan.
    4. Our College has submitted two proposals to The Rock Ethics Institute; one from the Department of Curriculum & Instruction and one from the Department of Educational Psychology, Counseling, and Special Education.
    5. Our nominations for Distinguished Professor have been approved.  Our new distinguished professors are Drs. David Passmore and Patrick Shannon.
    6. The new US News and World Reports rankings have been released and  5 of our graduate programs are ranked within the top 10 in the nation.   Penn State as a whole has 14 top 10 programs.  Several additional programs from the College are within the top 20.
    7. We have completed the promotion and tenure reviews within the College.  The dossiers for our candidates have been forwarded to the University Promotion and Tenure Review Committee for further consideration.  We will know the results in May.
    8. A feasibility study has been approved for a possible expansion of the Krause Innovation Studio.  This exploration will complement the existing plans for renovations of the Language and Literacy Education Laboratory (construction to begin in late summer 2014) and the Social Studies Education Laboratory. The sidewalk and lighting upgrade project around Chambers and Rackley is underway and should be completed within the next 3-4 weeks.
    9. The College web redesign is well underway.  The new site should be launched by around the end of May.  This is a large project that involved an outside vendor and tremendous on-going efforts from staff within the Carrara Education Technology Center and our Office of Communications.
    10. With the current P&T College Committee election underway, we have three candidates who are all from the C&I Department. Faculty Council Bylaws indicate that we cannot have more than two members on the College committee from the same department.    We need two more candidates, each one coming from a department other than C&I.

  5. Reports of Standing Committees
    1.  Committee on Faculty, Staff and Student Concerns (Chair Pamela Wolfe) –The staff involvement email that was sent out has garnered interest from 10-12 staff members.  Pam will work with the DCEC group to assist in determining which staff members, and how many, to have on this subcommittee.
    2.  Committee on Curricular Affairs (Chair Rayne Sperling) – We are meeting regularly and there is a lot of work to be done with curriculum proposal review.
    3.  Committee on Graduate Studies and Research Policy (Report by David Gamson)   – There is concern about the changes being recommended to Graduate Faculty forms A, B, and C.  It is felt any changes to these forms/processes must go through the Faculty Senate.
    4. Committee on Technology –An email update was previous distributed to Faculty Council.  The update informed the Council on the initiatives being undertaken in this domain centrally.

  6. Reports of Special and Ad Hoc Committees
    1. Survey on Shared Governance – There was a short survey send out to see if there was any support for a full survey to be done on the topic of shared governance.  The feedback received was to move forward with a survey. After the AERA conference in April, we will begin to design the survey.  We hope to have it ready to send out in the fall and we are thinking graduate student involvement in the survey is important.

  7. Report from Faculty Senate (Bill Carlsen)
    1. President made comments at the last Senate meeting and the issue of Grad student health care came up.
    2. The Childcare Taskforce Report has been released.  The report delays doing anything until June 2016.
    3. A report was given by the Gen Ed Taskforce.  There may be a  decrease in Gen Ed credits from 45 to 36 with both horizontal and vertical integration.  There has also been some discussion about possibly creating a dean level position that would be focused on general education.
    4. There was discussion about the Report on Faculty Appointments that is on the Senate website.   Since 1992, the tenure track to fixed-term 1 ratio has gone from 6 to 1 to less than 2 to 1, even though faculty tenure track lines have increased.  Fixed term appointments have increased at an even greater rate.  The report asks the administration to lay out its philosophy on this subject.
    5. There was a presentation from the Office of Disability Services.
    6. A report on faculty salaries was discussed.  The College of Education was pointed out for its full professor salaries being low.
    7. Next month, the Healthcare Taskforce Report is due.
    8. New senators from the College of Education are Drs. Jamie Myers and Rose Baker.

  8. Report from Student Representative – No report was submitted.

  9. Unfinished Legislative Business – None.

  10. New Legislative Business
    1. A discussion about the changes to the graduate student health care took place.  There is much anxiety around the proposed changes that will hit graduate students with families exceptionally hard.  This cost increase is being interpreted as a pay cut since stipends are not increasing.  A motion was made to have Scott Metzger and Jeanine Staples to serve as Faculty Council liaisons with the graduate students and faculty in the College to create a memo of concern to be shared at the planned Graduate Student meeting in April.  Motion passed.
    2. Ideas were generated for the next town hall meeting.  Some of the ideas centered around the new Gen Ed requirements – learning more about the process used, the role of the College in the process, and the role of the existing Gen Ed classes.
    3. Next Faculty Council Meeting is scheduled for April 17, 2014 from 2:30pm – 4:00pm in 221 Chambers.