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Faculty Council Minutes for December 12, 2013

Faculty Council Minutes for December 12, 2013

Thursday, December 12, 2013
221 Chambers Building
Time: 2:30 – 4:30pm

Attending: Dr.’s Bernie Badiali, Bill Carlsen, Ed Fuller, Stephanie Knight, David Lee, Scott Metzger, Dana Mitra, David Monk, Julia Plummer, David Post, Priya Sharma, Rayne Sperling, Jeanine Staples, and Heather Zimmerman

Quorum reached.

1. Approval of the Minutes

1.1. November 21, 2013 minutes approved with the following changes; 4.4 change “Am to An,” and under 5.2.1 Curriculum Affairs change to the committee met and reviewed course proposals.

2. Announcements by the chair

2.1. Emily Miller from the Undergraduate Student Representative group will join the Council in January.

2.2. The graduate student plan on forming a similar group and they will have a representative on Faculty Council.

3. Communications to the Council – None.

4. Comments by the Dean (Dean Monk)

4.1. Faculty searches are proceeding and seem to be in high gear.

4.2. The process for naming distinguished professors is under way. Advisory committee members are Dr’s. Suet-ling Pong, Kathy Heid, Hoi Suen, Roger Geiger, and Richard Duschl.

4.3. It appears the University budget request will be asking for an increase in appropriations. The expectation is we will end up at flat funding.

4.4. A GSI is being planned for October 1, 2014.

4.5. Our one page description of the College informing the new president about what we do has been submitted.

4.6. AERA will be held in Philadelphia this year. We will be hosting a major event at the Constitution Center on the evening of April 5, 2014. We will be organizing bus transportation to make it easier for students to attend.

4.7. Planning is continuing for our Civil Rights Conference to be held June 6-7, 2014.

4.8. Our College photo poster is almost ready for distribution.

4.9 In collaboration with Harrisburg campus and the Office of General Counsel, we have responded to the National Council on Teacher Quality rankings with the following statement: Please be advised that we continue to have serious reservations about the methods employed by the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) in its efforts to evaluate and rate teacher preparation programs. We take strong exception to the suggestion in your recent request for updated data that our lack of response entitles NCTQ to conclude either that we have made no changes to our programs or that the data previously submitted are up-to-date.

4.10 Our College Annual Report just came out.

4.11 The Dean was asked questions about his latest Connections column on sabbatical leaves. Discussion ensued about the purpose of a sabbatical leave and the relevant criteria for judging the merit of proposals.

5 Reports of standing committees

5.1 Faculty, Staff, Student Concerns

5.1.1 The committee has had interactions amongst itself.

5.2 Curricular Affairs – Rayne Sperling

5.2.1 The committee met and continued to review course proposals.

5.2.2 Committee plans to meet in January to address the student advising survey.

5.3 Graduate Studies and Research Policy – David Post

5.3.1 Nothing new to report. Discussion ensued as to what role should this committee play with graduate faculty proposals. Should this committee be involved in the approval of all proposals or just the exceptions?

5.4 Technology – Priya Sharma

5.4.1 The College plans on moving forward with the computer power savings plan as outlined by Associate Dean Greg Kelly in our last meeting.

6 Reports of special and ad hoc committees

6.1 Childcare issues – The University’s Child Care task force preliminary report is due to President Erickson on December 17, 2013. Our submission to the task force indicates that our faculty’s belief that the child care centers on campus run by Penn State is central to the mission of the university. We would like to see Dr. Erickson make an employment decision on the status of the child care center employees sooner rather than later. Many employees have left or are looking to leave the centers.

7 News from the Faculty Senate (Bill Carlsen)

7.1 The wellness initiative has stimulated resolutions to be voted on during the January meeting. One resolution deals with how the Healthcare Task Force faculty members were chosen. A second resolution will deal with how the Faculty Senate goes about appointing members to University task forces.

7.2 The Faculty Senate was briefed on the lion path project that will replace ISIS.

7.3 Faculty Senate was briefed on the 5 MOOCS that were piloted this year.

8 Unfinished legislative business

8.1 Report from Town Hall Meeting on Health Care concerns – Scott Metzger

8.1.1 A discussion occurred as to whether or not Faculty Council wanted to issue a statement on behalf of faculty and staff in the College and is what has been presented (attached) a useful start? A questions was asked as to the reason to do it and why. If we as faculty do not add our voice to the debate would it be viewed as agreeing with the University position on the helathcare initiative? Should the document go out to the entire faculty for endorsement? Can the Faculty Council issue a statement as representatives of faculty since they elected us into these leadership positions?

8.1.2 Motion made for Faculty Council to wiegh in by issuing a statement to the task force and President Erickson. Motion was passed.

8.1.3 Motion was made to form an ad hoc committee to edit the statement from feedback received by Faculty and staff. This edited statement will be reviewed at our January 2014 Faculty Council meeting. Motion was passed. Dr’s. Scott Metzger and David Post will serve as the leads in pulling this together.

8.2 Dr. Ed Fuller shared with the Faculty Council the results of his department survey that he conducted on shared governance. The findings of the survey were discussed. The Council was reminded that the original purpose of the idea of surveying the College was to find out why faculty were not participating or attending Faculty Council meetings.

8.3 A motion was made for Faculty Council to go back to their departments to gather information about going forward with a broader survey dealing more generally with shared governance which would be a larger project. The motion was passed. Dr. Ed Fuller will serve on this ad hoc committee.

9 New legislative business – None

10 Comments and recommendations for the good of the College