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Faculty Council Minutes for January 16, 2014

Faculty Council Minutes for January 16, 2014

January 16, 2014
2:30pm – 4:00pm
221 Chambers

Members of the Council in attendance were Dr.’s Bernard Badiali, Bill Carlsen, Ed Fuller, David Gamson, Scott Metzger, Dana Mitra, David Monk, Rayne Sperling, Julia Plummer, Priya Sharma, Pamela Wolfe, and Heather Zimmerman. Also in attendance were student representative Emily Miller and as a guest of Council, Suzanne Wayne.

A quorum was reached to conduct official business at this meeting.

1. Approval of December 12, 2013 Minutes – approved with changes.

2. Announcements by the Chair

2.1. The Chair introduced Emily Miller as the student representative on Faculty Council.

2.2. The chair introduced Dr. David Gamson as Dr. David Post’s replacement on Faculty Council.

2.3. The Chair announced that there are currently faculty senate seats available. We will need four candidates to stand for election. Please share within your departments to garner nominations.

3. Communications to Faculty Council

3.1. Invited guest Suzanne Wayne held a discussion with Faculty Council on how they would like to see the future faculty/staff directory set up on the future web site. It is the intent for the new directory to launch after the launch of the new site.

4. Comments by the Dean

4.1. Searches are active with several offers pending. Candidate visits are still occurring and we are pleased with the quality and level of the candidates making visits.

4.2. The Provost has asked each unit to create a list outlining burdensome and frustrating processes that we encounter in performing our work. We have composed our list around principles, attempting not to point fingers. This memo is due in the Provost office by January 27th.

4.3. The strategic planning process is continuing. We have developed a list of cross-cutting study group themes. We would like to keep these themes at a smaller number than the last time we embarked on a strategic plan. We need to identify leadership for each cross-cutting theme and form study teams. All who are interested may attend these open study meetings.

4.4. The Mathematics Laboratory is now open. The Language Literacies Laboratory is currently in design phase with a construction start date of August 1, 2014.

4.5. The Distinguished Professor selection committee has met to advise the Dean on the distinguished professorships that are currently available in the College. This should be resolved soon.

4.6. Dr. Greg Kelly is working on our World Campus update memo.

4.7. Phil Hoy will be assisting the College in setting up bus transportation to the AERA Conference being held in Philadelphia this year. The current plan is to have a bus take participants at the beginning of the conference and to return these participants back at the end of the conference.

4.8. The Dean entertained questions from Council. A question was asked about the Gen Ed changes and a question was fielded about the status of the President search.

5. Reports of Standing Committees

5.1. Committee on Faculty, Staff and Student Concerns (Chair Pamela Wolfe) – The committee met since the last FC meeting and as was previously shared, some members expressed concern about the level of moral within the staff ranks. A discussion ensued as to whether or not it would be appropriate for the staff group to have a representative on FC. What would the mechanism be to make this happen? It was decided the next step would be to hold a town hall with staff to discuss.

5.2. Committee on Curricular Affairs (Chair Rayne Sperling) - We met since the last FC meeting and we continue to review proposals and program matters.

5.3. Committee on Graduate Studies and Research Policy (Chair David Post) – We met since the last FC meeting and are looking into how student RIG’s are awarded. We are also reviewing the graduate faculty status process.

5.4. Committee on Technology (Chair Priya Sharma) –The ITS report that just came out with new University initiatives needs to be communicated more widely with College faculty.

6. Reports of Special and Ad Hoc Committees

6.1. Health Care Initiative Report (Scott Metzger) – Revised the draft statement to be sent to the Health Care Taskforce from Faculty Council. The revisions take a less adversarial position. A motion was made to accept the memo to be sent to the Health Care Taskforce as a statement from the College of Education Faculty Council. The motion was properly seconded and passed.

7. Report from Faculty Senate (Bill Carlsen)

7.1. Report on engaged scholarship to come out at the next Senate meeting.

8. Report from Student Representative (Emily Miller)

8.1. The University Park Undergraduate Association has student representatives from each academic unit.

8.2. Working to have interviews classified as excused absences from class.

8.3. The College Student Council is attempting to start from scratch again. We are working on getting the word out to Education students and are working with College administration to have our student group recognized.

8.4. We will be selling College of Education apparel and more details will be available soon.

9. Unfinished Legislative Business – None.

10. New Legislative Business – None

11. Next Faculty Council Meeting is scheduled for February 20, 2014 from 2:30pm – 4:00pm in 221 Chambers.