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Faculty Council Minutes for November 21, 2013

Faculty Council Minutes for November 21, 2013

Faculty Council Minutes
Thursday, November 21, 2013
221 Chambers Building
Time: 2:30 – 4:30pm

Attending: Dr.’s Bernie Badiali, Bill Carlsen, Ed Fuller, Greg Kelly, Dana Mitra, Julia Plummer, David Post, Priya Sharma, Rayne Sperling, Pam Wolfe, and Heather Zimmerman

Guests: Greg Mason

Quorum reached.

1. Approved September 12, 2013 minutes and October 17, 2013 minutes.

2. Announcements by the Chair – None.

3. Communications to the Council – None.

4. Comments from Associate Dean Greg Kelly on behalf of Dean Monk

4.1. College currently has 2 Distinguished Professor openings. Dr. Suet-Ling Pong is the representative from Council on the advisory committee to the Dean.

4.2. We currently have 9 faculty searches ongoing and candidates for some of the searches have already been on campus.

4.3. We received a request from the National Council Teacher Quality to provide them with information about the College.

4.4. We have a research methodologist on board, Dr. Yoonkung Oh. An email went out on the College list serve informing everyone that she is here to assist faculty.

4.5. Associate Dean Kelly’s office is currently working on a progress report for World Campus.

4.6. The College is beginning the strategic planning process for the next cycle (letter from Provost and letter to units is attached).

4.7. The Dean continues to work on the one page memo for the incoming President informing him/her about the College.

4.8. Explained to the Council the computer power savings proposed plan.

5. Reports of Standing Committees

5.1. Faculty, Staff, Student Concerns – Pam Wolfe

5.1.1. There has been some concern expressed about there not being representation for staff on Faculty Council. Discussion ensued about what the proper role would be for staff on faculty Council. Bernie indicated that staff can participate on subcommittees now but that Council would need to decide if they should have a seat at the table. Bill indicated that the Dean’s appointed staff member to Faculty Council could be a staff member. A motion was made to populate this subcommittee with one staff member and one student. Motion was approved. A motion was made to address with staff to see if they are aware of the mechanisms available to them seeking their input. Motion was approved.

5.2. Curricular Affairs – Rayne Sperling

5.2.1. The committee met and reviewed proposals.

5.3. Graduate Studies and Research – David Post

5.3.1. Informed Faculty Council that there are three categories of recommendation for graduate faculty status; A, B, and C. Discussion ensued as to the definitions of these three categories.

5.4. Technology – Priya Sharma

5.4.1. Meet with David Cochrane and he informed me that University-wide, ETC support is to be more mean and efficient in the future and that CETC does not have control over certain policies relating to technology.

5.4.2. Any new technology needing to be purchased within the College will now be done by CETC.

6. Reports of Special and Ad Hoc Committees

6.1. Childcare issues – Heather Zimmerman

6.1.1. Meet with Jackie Edmondson. The University wants to understand how critical childcare is to Penn State.

6.1.2. Heather presented letter to be sent to the University Task Force members asking them to consider three key reasons why high-quality and professional on-site early childhood education is central to the mission of Penn State. Discuss occurred centered on the letter. A motion was made for Faculty Council to endorse the letter. Motion was approved.

6.2. Healthcare concerns – Scott Metzger

6.2.1. A letter was presented on behalf of Scott that would be sent to the Penn State University Task Force on Healthcare. The letter represents a statement of our College of Education community’s principles and values that we believe are essential to protect in Penn State’s healthcare policies. This letter will be discussed at the December Faculty Council meeting.

7. News from Faculty Senate – Bill Carlsen

7.1. MOOCS (massive open online courses) to be discussed at the next Senate meeting.

7.2. Reported out on the committee working on general education requirements.

8. Unfinished Legislative Business – None

9. New Legislative Business – None

10. Comments and Recommendations for the Good of the College

10.1. Next Faculty Council meeting is scheduled for December 12, 2013 from 2:30 – 4:30pm in Room 221 Chambers.