Course Syllabus

The College of Education requires a detailed course syllabus from a potential instructor before academic approval will be considered. (The course syllabus is the overview handout that will be given to students at the first course meeting.) The syllabus should address at a minimum:

  1. Instructor's name(s) and contact information for students
  2. Statement of instructional philosophy (instructor's basic views on teaching and learning)
  3. Course objectives (student outcomes)
  4. Course resources (required text and other materials)
  5. Course schedule (session-by-session with dates, topics, and readings/out-of-class assignments)
  6. Evaluation/grading policy

The potential instructor should also include a cover letter identifying how he/she fulfills and exceeds the required minimum qualifications to teach this particular course.

If this is a new course (not listed in the College of Education Index), a course proposal submission form will also need to be prepared.