New Course Proposals

Course Proposal Submission Form Requests for new special topics courses must address ALL of the following points:

  1. Title (clear and concise)
  2. Number of credits
  3. Catalog-type description (2-3 sentences that give an abstract of the course)
  4. Rationale and intended audience (a paragraph stating the need for the course and the audience for whom it is intended)
  5. Goals (a paragraph or brief list to define the scope of the course)
  6. Learning objectives (Minimally, upon completion of this course, participants will .....)
  7. Topical outline (list of content topics which are related to learning objectives)
  8. Instructional procedures (an explanation of how the course will be conducted; should be related to the objectives)
  9. Evaluation procedures (an explanation of how the students' achievement, etc., will be evaluated; should be related to objectives; specify the academic standards against which the evaluative activity will be judged)
  10. Format (recommendations for various time and credit formats that would be appropriate for this course--see Acceptable Time Frames)
  11. Prerequisites (a brief statement or listing of previous courses, knowledge, degrees, experiences, etc., that would be expected of persons enrolling in the course)
  12. Instructional resources (a list of those resources needed to conduct the course; should include University-supplied resources such as films, reference books, audio-visual equipment, duplication supplies and support, special rooms, etc., as well as the textbooks and other resources supplied by the students; include title, author, date, publishing company, and address for the textbooks. Be sure to list names and qualifications of any persons assisting in the instruction of the course.)
  13. Instructor's name
  14. Syllabus (See instructions for the preparation of a syllabus.)