Supporting Documents

Description of supporting documents

Supporting Documents: Supporting documents are required at all review levels. Only one copy of supporting materials is necessary. Review Committees have found it helpful to have the materials placed in a file box, organized by the three sections of the dossier--Teaching, Research, and Service--and labeled according to the bullets on the dossier dividers.  (See also FAQ #53, page 13.)

Documents Required for Tenure Review

All SRTE's
Student Comments
Administrator Surveys Request
Course outlines, syllabi, study materials
*Course Portfolio
*Teaching Portfolio
Advising Materials Developed
Other (unsolicited letters, etc.)

Published Publications
Accepted Publications
Submitted Publications
New Courses Developed

Letters or other written materials that attest to the value and effectiveness of your contributions
Articles or other written materials that elucidate the intellectual grounds and plans underlying your service activities

*Course Portfolio and/or Teaching Portfolio may include instructional materials, candidate's statement on teaching goals and methods, and whatever evidence faculty may choose that displays how they go about teaching and what philosophy of teaching motivates their pedagogical decisions.  For example, instructional materials may include course materials used int he classroom such as syllabi, assignments, readings, exams and instructional aids, and new instructional materials developed.