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Criteria for Reviewing Sabbatical Applications

General Criteria for Review of Applications

The following broad criteria are pertinent to the review and evaluation of sabbatical leave applications: 
  1. To what extent has the candidate demonstrated previous scholarly productivity in the area of proposed activity, and is the proposal a natural extension of prior experience? If a change in scholarly direction is indicated, is a rationale presented?
  2. Is the plan for the academic leave detailed, comprehensive, and sound? Are the objectives specified, is the significance of the work described, is the methodology appropriate, and are the expected products listed?
  3. Is the candidate committed to the project and is he/she prepared to do what the plan proposes?
  4. To what extent will the academic leave contribute to the candidate, to his/her colleagues, and to undergraduate, graduate, public service, and research programs in the department and college?
  5. Can assurance be given that approval of the sabbatical leave will not jeopardize the quality and scope of the program and that the candidate's responsibilities can be maintained in his/her absence?
  6. If the candidate is to visit or coordinate work with another facility, is there evidence that the candidate has contacted those responsible for the facility and has been accepted by them?
  7. To what extent does the proposal have the support of the candidate's department head and/or faculty colleagues?