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Sabbatical Leave Guidelines (Leave of Absence with Pay)

General Information

The purpose of a sabbatical leave is "to provide a period of time for study of research, the object of which is to enable recipients to increase their usefulness in their work with the University. A leave with pay (sabbatical) is a privilege which may be granted to an individual who has demonstrated, preferably by published or otherwise recognized work, substantial ability in scholarship, research and training, or other creative work."

Sabbatical proposals may be submitted in the year tenure is awarded for a leave to commence the following year, provided that the faculty member has completed six full years of service as required by policy. An individual becomes eligible for a subsequent sabbatical leave provided that the minimum required contract years of full-time service has elapsed since beginning a previous sabbatical leave.

Percentage of Salary While on Sabbatical - Fall & Spring Semesters: 67%; 1 semester: 100%

Other Sabbatical Information

Application for Sabbatical Leave

In accordance with University Policy, requests for sabbatical leaves should be submitted to the Department Head for review in early August in the academic year prior to the requested leave. Proposals receiving a positive Departmental review will then be forwarded to the Dean's Office for review by the Dean and a committee appointed by the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, Research and Faculty Development with representatives from all five departments and who have had recent sabbatical leaves.

A sabbatical leave application need not be a lengthy document, but it must contain sufficient information for review committees and administrators to evaluate the merit of the proposal and the benefit it will have for the faculty member and for the University. The narrative portion of the application is usually between four and eight double-spaced pages in length.

Application Contents:

A. Cover page "Sabbatical Application" - Application for Leave w/Pay (Sabbatical) General Forms Usage Guide 4.22 (fill and SAVE on your DESKTOP)

  • The summary statement (two to three sentences) should be very brief and include a nontechnical statement of purpose, work to be accomplished, and the institution(s) and location(s) where the work is to be performed.

B. Narrative body

  • Purpose - Please describe the nature and significance of the project, including a clear, concise statement of your objectives.
  • Work to be accomplished - Please describe specifically what you plan to do and how you expect to accomplish it. Where will the work be done, and why has that location been chosen? Identify persons with whom you will affiliate and their expertise in the area(s) in which you plan to work and include letters of invitation from collaborators and/or host institutions or agencies. What can you cite as evidence that you have the skills and background to accomplish your objectives? Please include an estimated schedule for the major steps of the project.
  • Projected results - What tangible results will your project have, what form will the results take, and how will you share your results with others (e.g., publication, exhibition, sharing of new pedagogical techniques or materials
    with peers)?
  • Justification - How will this project contribute to your own scholarly development and how will it benefit your department, college, or the University as a whole? In what way does this project require a time commitment beyond that involved in the normal activities encompassed in teaching, research, scholarship, and service?

C. Supporting documents

  • A curriculum vita or biographical data sheet including a list of publications and professional activities.
  • If your project requires access to restricted libraries or laboratories, or affiliation with other institutions, please append invitations, letters granting access, space, or support from the relevant authorities.

    Application Submission:

    Prepare and Submit—

    • an original and three (3) copies of the completed application packet (original & 1 copy to be forwarded to the Dean and the third copy for the Department), and
    • an electronic copy of the completed application packet forwarded to the Associate Dean for Research

    Sabbatical Leave Report

    Every faculty or staff member who is awarded a sabbatical leave is required to submit a written report to the Provost via his or her department head and dean, specifying what was accomplished during the leave. The report is to be submitted within two months of the return from leave. The dean will send the report directly to the Provost, who will send a letter of acknowledgment to the faculty member with a copy to the dean. The report will then be forwarded to the Office of Human Resources.

    Return to Service

    In accordance with HR-17, individuals who are granted sabbatical leaves are required to return for a full contract year of service following the sabbatical leave. Any person who does not return, or does not remain for the full contract year following the sabbatical leave, will be required to refund the salary received from the University during the sabbatical leave.