Checking Items In and Out

Plone allows you to check items in and out. Doing so allows you to work on a draft of an existing page over multiple editing sessions while leaving an intact version available for public viewing. It also locks the page and alerts other editors to the fact that you are working on that page.

To check out an object:

  1. navigate to that page
  2. click on actions on the right side of the toolbar, and select "check out"
  3. A second version will replace the initial version you were working on.
  4. Click edit and begin working on that page. You can save it and return to it later until you are ready to check it back in.

To access a working draft:

If you have checked out a page in the past and want to return to the working copy:

  1. return to the folder where the original version is housed
  2. You will see two versions appearing in the navigation. The original will be in the regular location in the navigation and will be published. The new working copy will further down in the navigation and will be private.
  3. Click on the private (red text) version.
  4. Click edit to continue editing the page.
  5. Click save to finish your editing session.

To check a working draft in:

Once you have finished editing the working draft, you should check it in to replace the original with the changes.

  1. Navigate to the working draft page.
  2. Click on the "Actions" tab on the right hand side of the tool bar and select "Check-in" from the drop down box
  3. On the next screen, include a message describing the changes you have made.
  4. click "Check in"
  5. The working copy will replace the previous published copy. You will not need to resubmit the page.

Updated June 9, 2016