The Finding My Way Books' website is a great resource for educators wanting to promote inclusion. Finding My Way books share true stories of the inclusion of children with disabilities. This site is filled with downloadable activities such as Word Finds, Inclusion Activity pages, curricula for K-2, virtual lessons, and discussion starters. Many of the activities are offered in Spanish as well as English. Also, each child featured in a book has a page with fun information about them and links connecting to their story. Additional videos are provided to promote understanding of inclusion at work, in the arts, in sports, and in communities.

The document contains resources for remote teaching and learning and is targeted toward adults, children, and families.

Quality Talk: A Guide for Meaningful Discussions at Home is a parent’s guide for encouraging children and youth to use talk as a tool for thinking and weighing ideas together. The Quality Talk discussion approach helps improve learners’ high-level comprehension and critical and analytical thinking about, around, and with text or an experience. This video is designed to help parents and caregivers teach learners how to use discussion to ask questions, answer those questions, and add on to one another’s ideas about what they are learning or doing.