Summer Tuition Assistance Program

Students who are on Assistantships or Fellowship

Summer Tuition Assistance is open to Graduate Students who have held either an assistantship or fellowship during BOTH the Fall and Spring Semesters (including the University Graduate Fellowship). This does not include the Floyd Fischer or Nicholson Fellowship awards.

Please follow the procedure outlined below:

Course Requirements:

  • Students must register for appropriate course work or research credits. Courses that qualify for STAP are limited to: 1) those that may be applied towards the credit requirements for a graduate degree (i.e., courses at the 400-level or above); 2) English as a Second Language (ESL) skills courses required for international graduate students; and 3) foreign language skills courses required by the student's program. In all cases, courses must be required and approved by the student's advisor.
  • No "hobby course."
  • Students will be billed for audits, which cannot be used to satisfy degree requirements and unapproved registration.
  • World Campus courses are not STAP eligible. STAP is intended to cover resident instructions courses only.


Application Process


(The student must be in “scheduled status” for this form to go to the 1st step of approval for funding.)


► Program Staff Assistant will monitor the online applications and approve requests based on the signed Advisor Approval Forms they have received.

► Once approved at the program level it will move (online) to the College Level for approval. This is done by the Office of the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies. After approval by this office it is submitted to the Graduate School.

► You will receive an email notification approving or denying your application. If you do not receive an email notification, please contact the staff assistant ASAP.

► Every Tuesday at 3:00pm, the Graduate School will send approved applications to the Bursar's Office (this is the final step).





  1. Students may only submit ONE application for STAP. If you need to make a change you must get the advisor's aproval for the change and then request that the program's staff assistant make that change to your online application and it will go through the same approval process as stated above.
  2. Students will be billed if you drop courses after the drop/add period.