Learning, Design, and Technology Program

Learning, Design, and Technology Students working together

Welcome to the Learning, Design, and Technology program at Penn State. Our program offers a unique blend of research, teaching, and practice in LDT. Our faculty has an exceptional record of publications; books refereed journal articles, as well as a high level of presentations, research, grant applications, and work closely with their graduate students to mentor them in research and teaching.

The strength of the LDT program is in the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our faculty and students, who together share an interest and passion in thinking creatively about research and practice around three key areas that are the focus of our program: learning, design, and technology. 

The LDT program offers three residential degrees and one residential minor:


The LDT program also has the following online programs and certificates:

To schedule an on-site visit or to ask further questions, please contact the LDT program staff assistants:

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Learning, Design, and Technology
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