Department Head
Roy B. Clariana, , 814-865-1958, 301A Keller Building

Professor In Charge
Mark Threeton, , 814-863-5361, 411E Keller Building

Director of Professional Personnel Development Center
Cynthia Pellock, cxp162@psu.edu, 814-863-0802, 411D Keller Building

Associate Director of Professional Personnel Development Center
Mark Threeton, mdt177@psu.edu, 814-863-5361, 411E Keller Building

Program Faculty

William Rothwell, , 814-863-2581, 310B Keller Building

Wesley Donahue, wed105@psu.edu, 814-865-7074, 303 Keller Building

David Passmore, , 814-863-2583, 305D Keller Building

Michael Harvey, , 814-867-2652, 411C Keller Buidling

Hyung Joon Yoon, , 814-865-1876, 310A Keller Building

Affiliate Faculty

Emeritus Faculty

Kenneth C. Gray
Richard A. Walter


Degree Graduate Staff Assistant

Graduate Staff Assistant
301 Keller Building