New Teacher Workshop

Information about the New Teacher Workshop held every fall at University Park Campus.

The Penn State New Teacher Workshop is a one week workshop held on the University Park Campus during August of each year.  For 2017, the New Teacher Workshop will be held on August 7th through August 11th. It is a component of WF ED 100 Orientation to Teaching which is a two credit course required for Vocational Instructional 1 certification.

WF ED 100 and the New Teacher Workshop is for newly hired career and technology teachers. Topics addressed include:

  • Career Development Roles and Responsibilities
  • Assessing Needs and Identifying Competencies
  • Developing an Instructional Schedule
  • Developing and Writing Lesson Plans
  • Writing Performance Objectives
  • Teaching Successful Lessons
  • Assessment of Learning
  • Cognitive Diversity Adaptions and Accommodations
  • Effective Use of IEPs
  • Student Diversity and Educating Special Populations
  • Educating English Language Learners and Literacy Challenged Students
  • Providing a Safe Teaching and Learning Environment
  • Professional Writing

WF ED 100 the first of six courses required for the Vocational Instructional 1 Certificate. Additional courses include WF ED 105 Integrated Curriculum Integration, WF ED 495C-1 Observation and Practice Teaching: Presentation Strategies, WF ED 495C-2 Observation and Practice Teaching: Action Strategies and WF ED 495C-3 Observation and Practice Teaching: Extend Your Professional Development.

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