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Cooperative Education

Information about certification for Cooperative Education Instructors from non-instructional backgrounds, instructional backgrounds, and vocational instructional backgrounds.


The Cooperative Education Certification Program is designed to prepare individuals with the skills needed to function in the role of a Cooperative Education teacher coordinator. Co-op coordinators are responsible for planning, organizing, and administering work experience programs for high school students, which correlate the theoretical learning activities of the classroom with practical learning experiences on the job.

The Cooperative Education Certification Program addresses the following categories:

  • Program planning, development and evaluation
  • School-community relations
  • Student career and technical organizations
  • Professional development
  • Serving students with special and exceptional needs
  • Assisting students in improving their basic skills
  • Coordination of cooperative education
  • Integrating the academic and career and technical curriculum
  • Legal aspects and labor laws
  • Career and technical education guidance

Program of Study for Cooperative Education (Co-op) Certification