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Recent Faculty, Staff, and Student Research - Compiled March 2009

A listing of recent faculty and student presentations, publications, grants, and proposals



Griffin, K.A. (Feb. 2009). Assessing the value of campus climate assessments: Progress and future directions. Presentation at the National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education meeting, Washington, D.C.

Heller, D.E. (Feb. 2009). Financing of higher education in a turbulent economy  Challenges for the United States and the United Kingdom. Invited presentation, Birkbeck Institute for Lifelong Learning Seminar Programme, Birkbeck University of London, England.

Herrick, S.J., & Herbert, J.T. (Feb. 2009). Disability support services: An employment option for rehabilitation counselors. Presentation to the National Council on Rehabilitation Education Conference. San Antonio, Texas.

Johnson, J., & Johnson, K.M. (March 2009). Play in early education, parent involvement, play therapy and bibliotherapy with young children. Presentation at the Japan ASCD Annual Spring Conference, Tokyo.

Shouse, R. (2008). Understanding the limits of school reform: A cultural perspective. Keynote address at the International Conference on Education Management, National Pingtung University of Education, Pingtung, Taiwan. 

Staples, J.M. (Feb. 2009). Developing research pedagogies for literacies research with adolescents: Teaching and researching after school. Paper presented at the Annual Ethnography in Education Research Forum, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.





Grants Awarded


Faircloth, Susan C.
University of Colorado
American Indian Alaska Native Head Start Research Center

Kulikowich, Jonna M.
University of California at Berkeley
The Role of Educative Curriculum Materials in Supporting Science Teaching Practices with English Language Learners

Prins, Esther S.
COP: Center for Rural Pennsylvania
Use and Impact of GED Distance Learning Options on Student Outcomes

Saxe, David W.
Pennsylvania Humanities Council
Heritage Education Initiative—Fred Waring's Radio Show

Van Horn, Barbara L.
COP: Center for Rural Pennsylvania
Analysis of Rural and Urban Differences Among Pennsylvania Adults in Taking, Completing, and Passing the GED Test

Van Horn, Barbara L.; Grumm, Margaret R.; Marvin, Maria L.; Grinder, Elisabeth L.
Lancaster–Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13
Early Reading First Professional Development (Year 3)




Bradaschia, Leila M.
Academy for Educational Development
The Distinguished Fulbright Awards in Teaching Program, Fall 2009

Clark, Robert W.
National Occupational Competency Testing Institute
Professional Development for Educators on the Use of Assessment Data

Conyers, Liza M.; Herbert, James T.; Hunt, Brandon B.; Hazler, Richard J.; Wilson, Keith B.
U.S. Department of Education
Increasing Training Capacity and Number of State Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors Serving People with Disabilities Who Have a Criminal History

Evensen, Dorothy H.; Reason, Robert D.
COP: Department of Education
Evaluate the Act 101 Program for the Pennsylvania Department of Education

Hamilton, KayLynn; Toso, Blaire W.
Central Pennsylvania Workforce Development Corporation
Assessment of General Educational Development (GED) Services for Youth and Young Adults in Central Pennsylvania

Herbert, James T.
University of Alabama
Research and Practice in Rehabilitation: Podcasting to Enhance Access to Published Research

Reason, Robert D.
North Carolina State University
AHME: Building Stem Faculty and Student Co-Learning and Co-Researching Opportunities with Engaged Scholarship

Terenzini, Patrick T., Liu, Ying
Association for Institutional Research
Exploring Multiple Measures of Faculty Productivity Across Career Stages