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Fellowships Awarded to Institutional Research Grad Students

Eleven students in the College of Education's Institutional Research program were awarded a fellowship by the Association for Institutional Research.

by Pamela Batson (July 2009)

TAIR_002.jpghe Association for Institutional Research (AIR) awarded 11 College of Education graduate students a fellowship to attend the prestigious National Summer Data Policy Institute at the Bolger Center in Potomac, Maryland, June 21-27. The fellowship covers hotel, meals, travel, and instructional costs.

The students are enrolled in the Institutional Research (IR) graduate certificate program at Penn State. Led by Fred Volkwein, emeritus professor of education, the program is designed to provide students with the skills that support institutional planning and policy formation.

Ying (Jessie) Liu, Kadian McIntosh, and Andrew Nichols are the resident graduate students who received a fellowship. The online graduate students are: Jean Constable (Texas), Mary Flagg (Pennsylvania), Mary Jo Harmon (Ohio), Ben Klimczak (Connecticut), Sally Mikel (Illinois), Margaret Moreman (Georgia), Kelli Rainey (North Carolina),  and Marilyn Valencia (Ohio).

About 50 fellowships are awarded per year to attend the one-week program that introduces students to intensive instruction on how to use datasets from the National Science Foundation and the National Center for Education Statistics, both of which provide support for the institute. Fellows also use large national data sources to learn about research methodologies.

“It’s quite an achievement for this many of our students to be selected given the limited number of fellowships available. I’m proud of the talent and effort it took for each student to be selected,” said Volkwein.