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Staff Retirements and Changes

Staff comings and goings

Compiled May 2009

Lorraine Ritter has retired after almost 26 years of service to Penn State, with her last 11 years in the College of Education. She joined the College in 1998 as a staff assistant in the Learning and Performance Systems (LPS) Department. She retired as an administrative support coordinator with LPS.

Suzanne Harpster retired March 31 as staff assistant for the Associate Dean for Outreach, Cooperative Extension, Technology, and International Programs. She served the University for 34 years.

Barbara Brown has joined the College, working as budget assistant in the Regional Education Lab–Mid-Atlantic.

Susan Bass 
is the new staff assistant in the Office of Curriculum & Instruction Field Experiences. She recently transferred from the College’s Department of Learning and Performance Systems.

Sharon Gaddes has joined the College as a staff assistant in the new Center for Educational and Developmental Sciences (CEDS).

Note:  If there is a new face in your unit of the College, please let us know and we’ll introduce them in the next release.