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Seeing the Joy of Giving Come to Life

Raven and Marv Rudnitsky


Article adapted from Remembering Penn State, Fall 2008

Raven ’66 EDU and Marv Rudnitsky ’64 LA have a motto they love to share: “Give until it feels good!” This sentiment rings true to them because their own lives have been enriched by the experience of setting up the Marvin J. and Carolyn W. (Raven) Rudnitsky Undergraduate Scholarship at their beloved alma mater, Penn State.


The joint scholarship established in 2002 in the Colleges of Education and the Liberal Arts is just one of the ways the Rudnitskys give back to Penn State. They have ensured a lasting legacy by recently naming both colleges in their will and in a testamentary charitable lead trust, which will provide funds to their scholarship for several years. To learn more about gift planning techniques, please visit Penn State’s Office of Gift Planning web site at


“It’s one of those wonderful times in life when it’s a win-win,” Raven says. “Everybody wins—the students, the institution, and certainly our family.”


Marv, an attorney with Rudnitsky and Hackman, and Raven, a family therapist, met at the University Park campus as undergraduates. Penn State was the only school to which Marv applied, while Raven was following a strong family tradition that started more than 100 years ago when her grandfather, William Wray, attended Penn State and played football here. In fact, Raven knew the legend of the Nittany Lion and all the football cheers long before she knew any nursery rhymes!


“Going to Penn State, having an incredible four-year experience there, and meeting the love of my life…it’s very, very special,” Raven says.


Marv could not agree more, and he attributes these wonderful experiences to the foresight and generosity of those who came before him. “I wouldn’t have graduated but for the scholarships I had all along, throughout college and then in law school at the University of Pittsburgh,” he explains.


Now the Rudnitskys are able to see their own generosity at work helping students to achieve their full potential. Last year they met their most recent scholarship recipient. “I was blown away by her,” Raven says. “We were so honored to have been able to help her in some small way on her personal journey.”


“Helping to provide educational experiences at a wonderful institution like Penn State for young people who may not otherwise be able to afford them is a joy—an absolute joy and privilege. We hope the continuing stream of money to fund scholarships in these schools will help others to have a better life,” Marv says.”


Today the couple lives for home football games at Penn State and are very active politically and in their United Church of Christ congregation in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania. They love spending time outdoors, traveling, and being with their three daughters, sons-in-law, and five grandchildren, all of whom live within seven minutes of their house.