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College of Education Graduate Students Publish Seventh Volume of Higher Education in Review

Graduate students in Penn State's College of Education have published the seventh edition of the peer-reviewed academic journal Higher Education in Review.

by David Price (May 24, 2010)


Graduate students in Penn State's College of Education are celebrating the publication of volume seven of Higher Education in Review (HER). The peer-reviewed journal was created by the Higher Education Student Association in 2003 and is managed by graduate students in the College of Education's Higher Education Program. This year’s journal was edited by Nathan M. Sorber.

“The journal has remained true to its mission of both advancing knowledge and providing a formative educational experience for authors, editorial board members, and reviewers," Sorber says. "We remain proud to provide this opportunity for aspiring higher education scholars to gain experience in academic publishing and to make our own small contribution to the scholarly discourse."

Sorber is joined in the success of this year’s volume by the contributing authors, reviewers, and staff of Higher Education in Review, including the volume's editorial board: Sarah G. Fuller, Wil Del Pilar, Jr., Beth Randolph, and Robert D. Reason, associate professor of higher education and college student affairs in Penn State's College of Education. The editor for the 2010–11 academic year will be Peter Moran.

"These articles (in HER)," adds Sorber, "were selected from the largest number of submissions that this journal has ever received. Selected from programs across the country, the authors exemplify the breadth of research approaches used by scholars to address warranted inquiries of higher education institutions, public policies, and students."

The purpose of Higher Education in Review is to provide students with experience in publishing scholarly works. The journal is meant to serve as a learning tool, and submissions are accepted only from current graduate students and those who have graduated within the past six months. Submissions from students at other universities are also accepted and encouraged.

The articles are available electronically on the Higher Education in Review Web site at and are accessible via Google Scholar. The following is a complete list of the articles published in the seventh volume of Higher Education in Review:

Defining and Achieving Success: Perspectives from Students at Catholic Women’s Colleges
Kathryn A. E. Enke and Rebecca Ropers-Huilman
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

The Effect of Prices on Postsecondary Access: An Update to Heller
Jiyun Kim
University of Michigan

Coveting More Than Thy Neighbor: Beyond Geographically Proximate Explanations of Postsecondary Policy Diffusion
Brian Sponsler
The George Washington University

Complicating “Just Do It”: Leaders’ Frameworks for Analyzing Higher Education for the Public Good
Penny A. Pasque
University of Oklahoma

Lesley A. Rex
University of Michigan