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2016: 01-03 images

Images posted between January and March 2016
Class change
Scholarships are available for undergraduate and graduate students in the College of Education.
Kyle O'Donnell
College of Education and Schreyer Honors College alumnus Kyle O'Donnell teaches in a unique classroom setting that combines classic education with a sail-training program.
Social Studies lab
Social studies lab renovation photos
CEDAR Clinic
Javier Casado Pérez, a counselor education and supervision doctoral candidate, meets with a mock client in CEDAR Clinic.
KayLynn Hamilton
Carly Celkos
Carly Celkos, a Penn State field hockey player, is one of 11 athletes who are RHS majors in the College of Education. (Credit: Penn State Athletics)
Jordan Conaway
Penn State wrestler Jordan Conaway is another one of nearly a dozen athletes in the College of Education's Rehabilitation and Human Services program. (Credit: Penn State Athletics)
Jim Nolan
Former profession of education Jim Nolan is spending time in retirement making deliveries for Meals on Wheels in State College, among many other things. His wife, Rocky Landers, assisted him on Feb. 5.
Former PDS intern Danielle Zarnick, left, shares a State College elementary classroom with current intern Sarah Hanrahan.
Lauren White
Lauren White climbed Mount Nittany while attending summer classes in the College of Education on the University Park campus.
Courtney Nellis
Courtney Nellis, a Penn State College of Education graduate from State College, is a second-grade teacher in Manassas, Virginia.
Two-factor authentication
Using the Duo smartphone app as the device for two-factor authentication is easy. Step 1: Launch the app. Step 2: When the app receives the 2FA request, it displays an alert. Step 3: Following the alert’s directions, tap on the alert to respond and options to approve or deny appear. Step 4: Tap approve, and the request is approved, sending a signal back to Web Access to complete the login process.
Curtis Chin
"For me, looking at this film and dissecting it and understanding why these things happened ... I wanted to present that yes, these Asians are succeeding, but do you see the sacrifices they're making? Do you see the extra hardships they have to go through? Do you see the conditions for why they have to do it? Because they really have no other choice. Education is the only way out of poverty for a lot of these families. And so they do put all of their emphasis on it, because that's their perception."-- Curtis Chin, writer, producer, director, talking about his documentary, "Tested," which follows a dozen racially and socioeconomically diverse eighth-graders as they fight for a seat at one of New York City’s schools. The screening and talk, sponsored by the College of Education Diversity and Community Enhancement Committee, and the Curriculum and Instruction Graduate Student Association, was held in Foster Auditorium in Pattee and Paterno Libraries on Thursday evening, March 24.
State College Area School District teacher Karen Morris, right, and Penn State PDS intern Mary Beth Henry share a secondary English classroom at State High.
Penn State Abington senior Liz Janoski (front, second from left), won nearly $50,000 on the 'Wheel of Fortune College Road Trip' television show in Los Angeles.