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2018: 01-03 images

David Lee
2018 Diversity in Education conference
2018 Diversity in Education conference
Bullying Among Diverse Populations
Bullying Among Diverse Populations
Vanessa Miller says a joint degree from the College of Education and Penn State Law will provide her with a number of career opportunities.
P. Karen Murphy
Greg Kelly
Maria Walls worked with University Park Undergraduate Association and Transportation Services to have benches installed on the campus shuttle route to aid students with disabilities.
Kathy Hill
Andres Acher
Author/activist Katie Kissinger speaks at a luncheon meeting sponsored by the Penn State Center for Education and Civil Rights.
QT South Africa
P. Karen Murphy, distinguished professor of education (educational psychology), works with students in an 8th grade English class at Chief Jerry Nkomo Secondary School in Eluknwatini, Mpumalanga, South Africa.
P. Karen Murphy poses with Hong-Shui Liang, a doctoral student at National Taiwan Normal University, following a professional development workshop on Quality Talk.
Andres Acher presents his Transformation Boxes research at the Waterbury Lecture.
The Waterbury Lecture panel, from left: Scott McDonald, Lynn Liben, Andres Acher and Richard Duschl.
Amanda Smith
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