2018: 04-06 images

Sagun Giri
Sagun Giri, a third-year doctoral student and DGA recipient studying learning, design and technology, models two prototypes related to maker spaces research he works on with his adviser Gabriela Richard, assistant professor of education (learning, design and technology). The glove is a wearable game controller that lights up, vibrates or makes a sound when the user performs an action. The project integrates diverse skills such as coding, crafting, game design and physical computing. The necklace is a unidirectional project, which combines the Lilypad Arduino, LEDs, crafting and coding.
Marlon Fernandez-Castro
Marlon Fernandez-Castro is a first-generation student who came to the College of Education because he wanted to continue working with his master's adviser, Alicia Dowd, professor of education (higher education). Until he found out he was awarded a DGA, he did not think attending Penn State was an option.
Jonathan McCausland
Penn State alumna Jonathan McCausland was excited to return to Penn State for his doctoral studies and after learning he was awarded a DGA, he knew that he would not have to worry about the financial stress that accompanies most graduate programs.
2018 Faculty and Staff Awards
Award winners, from left: Jennifer Glasgow, Outstanding Staff Award; Anne Elrod Whitney, Cotterill Leadership Enhancement Award; Mark Kissling, Outstanding Faculty Award; Mary Pearce, Outstanding Staff Award; and Samantha Walker, Climate Enhancement Award, with Dean David H. Monk, right.
AERA conference logo
Career counseling graduate students
Since the start of the fall 2017 semester, Diandra Prescod (back center) and her career counseling graduate students have been providing services to undergraduates in the Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering. (Back from left: Josh Kirby, Diandra Prescod, Christopher Hughes. Front from left: Brenda Colby, Yangyang Liu, Lilian Ma, Yuan Zheng)
Elijah Armstrong
In an effort to promote diversity and inclusivity at Penn State, Elijah Armstrong worked with fellow students to create No Hate Penn State.
Seria Chatters baby
As an African American born with albinism, Seria Chatters looked different than her family members and also struggled with vision impairment as a result of the rare genetic disorder.
Seria Chatters 10 years old
As a child, Seria Chatters was often the victim of bullying, experiences she says influences the work she does today.
Hannah Kohler
Hannah Kohler has been selected as the students marshal for the spring 2018 Commencement ceremony.
Megan Robert, a PDS intern at Gray's Woods Elementary School, has been aware of the PDS program for most of her life because her mother is a teacher at Radio Park Elementary School in State College.
Allyna May is the second member of her family to participate in the PDS program. Her sister, Andrea, was in the secondary English program in 2013-14.
CI 497 Skee-Ball
Pre-service student teachers in CI 497: The Creative Child prepare a skee-ball machine for Creative Child at Discovery Space, an arcade event the class is hosting for young children at Discovery Space in State College. (Image: Peggy M. Fitzgerald)