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summit 01
Dean David H. Monk welcomed participants to the Prison Education and Reentry Summit, March 29-30, 2019. ''The College of Education's mission speaks explicitly about its commitment to both the development and the utilization of human capabilities wherever they exist. Prison education programs speak directly to both parts of our mission as these programs develop capabilities and also focus efforts on making effective utilization of the capabilities that are developed,'' he said.
summit 02
Efrain Marimon, assistant professor of education, organized the Prison Education and Reentry Summit, held March 29-30, 2019, to help inform Penn State’s program. ''My hope is to build an alliance, foster collaboration and drive innovation that can support the infrastructure necessary to sustain our program,'' he said.
summit 03
Abdulla Puckett, a doctoral student at the University of California at Los Angeles, said, ''We have choice. We can help people become more productive and skilled, and provide them with what will make them a benefit to society, or it will be our fault when they get out and they rob us at gun point, break into our houses, and sell drugs to our kids. That is what I was doing before I got the support and access, and it's what I would be doing now if I didn't have those supports. And that is what we need to realize.'' Puckett spoke at the Prison Education and Reentry Summit March 29, 2019.
summit 04
''There are critiques from the left, from the right and from the center. You can say that the idea of providing free college education to incarcerated men and women has something to offend everyone, no matter their political orientation. But, if the challenges inherent in college in prison work are deep and profound, so too are the potential positive impacts of college in prison programs,'' said Rebecca Ginsburg, director of the Education Justice Project at the University of Illinois. Ginsburg spoke at the Prison Education and Reentry Summit March 29, 2019.
summit 05
Rabiyatu Jalloh, a senior in education and public policy, is a teaching assistant for an art course in prison. She talked about the artwork - and the artists - with President Eric Barron, during the Prison Education and Reentry Summit, March 29, 2019.
summit 06
Penn State President Eric Barron addressed the Prison Education and Reentry Summit during lunch on March 29, 2019. ''I'm proud that Penn State is taking initiative in this area and that we can host so many distinguished scholars and experts to provide unique insight into prison education,'' Barron said. ''Pennsylvania spends more than $40,000 a year for each of its over 45,000 incarcerated residents, and yet studies repeatedly show that recidivism rates are high. Education transforms lives, and it is through your dedication and hard work that we can better serve incarcerated citizens as well as all residents of the state.''
summit 07
Keynote speaker Stanley Andrisse spoke to a full house on day one at the Prison Education and Reentry Summit, March 29, 2019. ''I was once told by a prosecuting attorney that I had no hope for change. ... I was fortunate that during my incarceration, I had this mentor step into my life and he ... started investing in my potential. That investment changed my life. ... The talents I had from hustling in the streets of Ferguson are the same talents that I'm using now [as an endocrinologist and a professor] at Howard University and Johns Hopkins Medicine. I just needed the resources, the tools and the support to be where I am,'' he said.
summit 08
Summit attendees listen attentively to keynote speaker Stanley Andrisse at the Prison Education and Reentry Summit, March 29, 2019. To put his story in perspective, he said, ''The brain isn't even fully developed until the mid-20s. I'm this early-20s kid being put into the system and being told that I'm a career criminal. I believed that. I internalized that. It's only now that I'm an endocrinologist and a professor at two college of medicines and I work with students who are on their way to being doctors and scientists. They still have another 16 years or so before we consider them to be career professionals. Yet, this prosecutor was prophesying that I was a career criminal with no hope for change.''
summit 09
Divine Lipscomb shared his story to begin day two of the Prison Education and Reentry Summit, March 30, 2019. ''Efrain [Marimon] was doing something on this campus that no one else was doing. He was impacting lives. He was changing minds. He was introducing education. HE was doing what I was looking for 16 years ago. How could I not be involved with that?'' he said of his involvement with the Restorative Justice Initiative.
summit 10
Participants in the reentry simulation that ended the second day of the Prison Education and Reentry Summit on March 30, 2019, found long lines were the norm in their quest to complete their required tasks. ''This is incredibly realistic,'' said Divine Lipscomb, an undergraduate in the College of Education, activist and justice-impacted student.
summit 11
Quite often during the reentry simulation that ended the second day of the Prison Education and Reentry Summit on March 30, 2019, participants were told they were in the wrong place, or that they needed to go elsewhere to complete another task before they could complete the task at that station. This is one of the frustrations faced in real life by those re-entering society after incarceration.
summit 12
By the end of the simulation, roughly 75 percent of the participants had landed back in jail, which mirrors the average in society. A strong contributing factor to their failure was the lack of instruction on how to re-enter society, and how to complete the required tasks successfully. A large majority of the participants experienced frustration, and some desperation as they tried to overcome what appeared to be odds stacked against their success.
summit 13
Divine Lipscomb, a student majoring in rehabilitation and human services, was the featured speaker on the second day of the Prison Education and Reentry summit held in the College of Education on March 29-30. As he told the summit participants, ''Penn State is special. Everything that everyone here does is special. See because we can't save the world, but there's one person in these here organizations, just one who's looking for you to give him that shot. I just need you to let me in, and I'll take care of the rest. I don't need you to do anything else but open that door.''
Pedro Rivera
Portrait of Pedro Rivera
Anna Gabriel
Anna Gabriel
Puppet show
Sophomore Jordan Gardner is pleased with how the long eyelashes look on her puppet.
Faculty, Staff and Student Awards, 2019
Winners of the College of Education’s Faculty, Staff and Student Awards, from left: Elizabeth Smolcic, Brenda Martinez, Krishawna Goins, Maryellen "Mimi" Schaub, Efrain Marimon, Elizabeth Hughes, P. Karen Murphy, Heather Decker and Kathryn Bateman, with Dean David H. Monk, right. (Photo: Annemarie Mountz)
Rachel Shriver in Medellin, Colombia
Rachel Shriver visited Medellin, Colombia, last summer before applying for the Fulbright fellowship. She will be headed to Bucaramanga, Santander, Colombia, roughly 240 miles northeast of Medellin, this July.
Krishawna Goins
Krishawna Goins won the 2019 Student Leadership Award from the University’s Multicultural Resource Center.
Rabiyatu Jalloh
Rabiyatu Jalloh won the Volunteer Service Award from the University’s Multicultural Resource Center.
Professional Development School interns Allyssa May, Alyssa Fairweather and Carlee King take in teaching tips at a recent professional development session. (Photo: Nabil Mark/State College Area School District)
Wendy Coduti at Study Abroad Conference
Wendy Coduti, assistant professor of education (rehabilitation and human services) at Penn State (at podium), and Brian Brubaker, director of education abroad in Penn State Global Programs (middle, seated) hold a session at the 2019 Forum on Education Abroad.
Kathy Hill, Center for Science and the Schools; Amanda Smith, Center for Science and the Schools; Greg Washington, Dean of Engineering at UC Irvine; Willonda McCloud, Lancaster County STEM Alliance; and LaTrenda Leonard Sherrill, Remake Learning, discuss the benefits of the new collaboration.
Wendy Coduti at Harkin Institute
Wendy Coduti, assistant professor of education (rehabilitation and human services), addresses colleagues at the 2018 Harkin International Disability Employment Summit. IMAGE: The Harkin Institute for Public Policy and Citizen Engagement
WorkLink presentation
After completing RHS 410: Employment Strategies for People with Disabilities, junior Josh Fields, right, signed up for an independent study to work with education faculty members Wendy Coduti, left, and Allison Fleming as they develop WorkLink, a post-secondary certificate program designed for students with intellectual disabilities.
2019 OASA recipients
Donna L. Butler, 2019 OASA recipient; Leslie Laing, director of Adult Learner Programs in Student Affairs at Penn State and Kimisse King, 2019 OASA recipient. IMAGE: Janine Coutu
Park Smith
After noticing a steady increase of students at Jersey College, Park Smith enrolled in the learning, design and technology online graduate program and now is the director of institutional effectiveness at the private nursing school in Teterboro, NJ. IMAGE: submitted
College of Education students Carly Siegle, left, and Taylor Young say their busy schedules are very rewarding.
Professional Development School intern Krishawna Goins, a third-grade teacher at Ferguson Township Elementary School, spends time with a student. (Photo: Nabil Mark/State College Area School District)
Nicole Wang
Nicole Wang, a doctoral candidate in learning, design, and technology, developed SPOT, a web-based learning tool that allows online learners to engage in a supportive and anonymous environment.
Bonnie Richardson
Bonnie Richardson, an administrative assistant for the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, is completing coursework toward a bachelor's degree in letters, arts and sciences. Her dream, she said, is to write children's books
Advising Staff
Stephanie Hopkins, Greg Mason and Samantha Roan are not only co-workers, they also aregraduate students in the Department of Education Policy Studies.
LA Teacher Rally May 2018
Leading up to their January 2019, more than 30,000 teachers and staff who are part of the United Teachers Los Angeles union began rallying support months in advance. Leaders are seen here addressing a crowd in May 2018. Image: Rebecca Tarlau
Scott McDonald
CyberScience in Schools
A supercomputer donation turned a Bald Eagle Area High School class into a climate research lab. The students learned how to code and use supercomputers donated by Penn State's Institute for CyberScience so that they could study radiation and its effect on the climate. Here, student scientists Matthew Reese and Lauren Fisher discuss their findings with Reuben Kraft, associate professor of mechanical engineering and biomedical engineering, and Penn State ICS co-hire.Image: Penn State ICS/Jordan Futrick
CyberScience STEM
Bald Eagle Area High School students, Samantha Arens-Ennis (left) and Taylor Kilmer (middle) review their research with Tracy Boone, BEASD curriculum director, during a poster session held on Penn State's University Park campus. IMAGE: Penn State ICS/Jordan Futrick
Lorrie Rodrigue, superintendent of the Newtown Public School District in Newtown, Connecticut, spoke at the recent Directors Academy on School Safety conference at Penn State.
Nikole Hannah-Jones
Nioke Hannah-Jones, a correspondent for The New York Times Magazine whose articles focus on racial injustice, delivered the keynote speech at “Brown@65: National Symposium for the 65th Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education” held May 10 at the Nittany Lion Inn on the Penn State University Park campus.
Susan Lounsbury
Gabriela Richard Maker Faire 2018
Gabriela Richard, assistant professor of education (learning, design, and technology), right, has been awarded a Belfer Fellowship by the Anti-Defamation League's (ADL) Center for Technology and Society.
Linda Rumfield
Linda Rumfield
Keith Hillkirk
Keith Hillkirk
Wally Richardson
Wally Richardson
Jenny Blew
Jenny Blew
Cheryl Harrison
Cheryl Harrison
Distinguished Alumni
Portraits of 12 Distinguished Alumni: top row, from left: T.J. Anderson, Harold Cheatham, Jim Harris, Darlene Large. Second row, from left: Eda Machado de Souza, Bonnie Newman, Allan Ostar, George Santiago. Bottom row, from left: Ovid Tzeng, Barbara Weisberger, Roger Williams, Helen Dickerson Wise.
Scott McDonald, associate professor of education (science education) and director of the Krause Innovation Studio, convenes the Waterbury Summit.
Karen Murphy speaks at the Waterbury Conference.
Richard Duschl, left, the Kenneth B. Waterbury Chaired Professor of Secondary Education, helped coordinate the recent Waterbury Summit in the College of Education.
We Are Weekend
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Kimberly Lawless
Kimberly Lawless
Happy Valley Improv
Penn State faculty and staff participate in a workshop led by Nathan Rufo and James Tierney of Happy Valley Improv.(Image: Brittani Kline)
Andrea McCloskey & Sam Tanner
Andrea McCloskey, left, and Sam Tanner are two of the four founding members of Happy Valley Improv. (IMAGE: Penn State)
Nate Rufo
Nate Rufo leads an improv workshop. (IMAGE: Brittani Kline)
Phakamisa 10
David Guthrie, associate professor of education, hangs information on the wall during one of the presentations by Phakamisa doctoral students.
Phakamisa 09
Members of the Phakamisa delegation were invited to write down some of the benefits they gain from being part of the partnership.
Phakamisa 08
Just in the beginning stages of their doctoral pursuits, these graduate students gave a presentation about the lonely journey doctoral students face in South Africa, and how being involved in Phakamisa helps them to overcome obstacles.
Phakamisa 07
Education Policy Studies faculty and graduate students joined members of the Phakamisa delegation from South Africa for presentations by Phakamisa graduate students to close out the final full day of their visit to Penn State.
Phakamisa 06
Puleng Motshoane talks about her doctoral work on the development of academics as postgraduate supervisors during the final formal session of the Phakamisa project delegration’s visit to Penn State.
Phakamisa 05
Anthea Adams talks about her research journey during the final formal session of the Phakamisa project delegration’s visit to Penn State.
Phakamisa 04
David Guthrie, associate professor of education, third from left, and Kevin Kinser, head of the Department of Education Policy Studies, assist members of the Phakamisa project delegation in setting up their presentations for the final formal session of the delegation’s visit from South Africa.
Phakamisa 03
The Phakamisa delegation from South Africa met with several groups and individuals during their visit to Penn State this past week, including Leila Bradaschia, director of International Programs, right.
Phakamisa 02
The Phakamisa delegation from South Africa met with several groups and individuals during their visit to Penn State this past week, including Kathy Bieschke, vice provost for faculty affairs, seen at the head of the table.
Phakamisa 01
Members of the Phakamisa project delegation from South Africa had some fun at the Nittany Lion Shrine along with their hosts, Kevin Kinser (left, in orange) and David Guthrie (next to Kinser).
Phakamisa gallery
Faculty and doctoral students participating in a project named Phakamisa – meaning to grow or lift up – visited Penn State from their home in South Africa this past week. In a partnership begun last year, the group is working with faculty in the College of Education's Department of Education Policy Studies.
Rabiyatu Jalloh at Hakkille Robing Ceremony
Rabiyatu Jalloh participates in the inaugural Hakkille Robing Ceremony, which she took a leadership role in creating.
David H. Monk
David H. Monk
Portrait of Dean David H. Monk
Portrait of Dean David H. Monk
Christine Cunningham has been named professor of practice in education and engineering.
Josh Kirby is pictured at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia, overlooking early World Scout Jamboree set-up.
Josh Kirby is pictured at the New River Gorge overlook in West Virginia. Scouts at the World Scout Jamboree will raft on the New River, Kirby said.