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Archive of Dean Monk's Connections Columns

Archive of previous messages from the dean in Connections issues.

Newer columns:

December 2014 Some Thoughts About High-Quality Advising for Graduate Students

Fall 2014 A Few Thoughts About Fund Raising at Penn State

Spring 2014 Correspondence Between Dean Monk and James Otto, the recently retired principal of the Issac Sheppard Elementary School

Fall 2013 Some Thoughts About Sabbatical Leaves

Summer 2013 Some Thoughts About 2012-2013 and Future Directions

Spring 2013 Some Reflections on Teacher Education: A Dean’s Perspective

Winter 2013 The College's Electronic Presence

Summer 2012 The Importance of Good Teaching

Spring 2012 In Defense of Academic Freedom

Fall 2011 An Open Letter to the College of Education Faculty

Summer 2011 Supporting Research in the College of Education

Spring 2011 An Overview of How the College's Budget Works at Penn State

Winter 2011 Making Sense of the Evidence Surrounding the Preparation of Teachers

Fall/Winter 2010 Reflections on the Power of the Penn State Network

September 2010 Some Reflections on Shared Governance

May 2010 New Ideas for Supporting Research and Outreach in the College

March 2010 Update on Things Fiscal

December 2009 Emerging Web and Technology Questions for the College and University

September 2009 Internal Communications in the College

May 2009 Forming Partnerships to Facilitate STEM Education

April 2009 Update on the Implementation of the College of Education’s Strategic Plan

January 2009 Helping Faculty and Staff Address Worrisome Student Behaviors

December 2008 Scanning Initiative

September 2008 Findings from a Recent Analysis of Relationships Between Fiscal Stress and Faculty Appointments and Workload

May 2008 Differences Between Interesting and Hard Problems

March 2008 Reporting Research and Scholarship

January 2008 Three New Efforts to Improve Doctoral Education at Penn State

November 2007 Update on the College's Office of Multicultural Programs

September 2007 The Future of School Psychology at Penn State

May 2007 Making Our Case for the Next Campaign and Strategic Planning

March 2007 False Negatives and the Relevant Standard of Evidence for Education Research

January 2007 The College of Education Budget

November 2006 Distinguising Between Pamphleteering and Serving the Public

September 2006 New Charge for the College's Diversity and Community Enhancement Committee

May 2006 New Opportunities for the College's Multicultural Student Service Office

April 2006 The Power and Challenge of Partnerships

March 2006 Some Reflections on How IES Reviews Funding Proposals

February 2006 Some Reflections on What Counts as a Good Proposal for a Sabbatical Leave

December 2005 Changes in the College Scholarship Awarding Process

November 2005 An Update on the Budget

October 2005 A Fiscal Reality Check

September 2005 "Oh Honey ... No One Knows Why his House Burned Down." Making Sense of Complex and Incomplete Information

April 2005 Thinking About Differences Between the D.Ed. and the Ph.D. Degrees

March 2005 Further Reflections on Peer Review within the Institute of Education Sciences (IES)

February 2005 Whom Should We Be Hiring as Teachers?

December 2004 Mr. G.'s Torment and Value-Added Accountability Models in Education

November 2004 Strategic Planning: An Update

October 2004 The IES Panel for the New Study of Teacher Education

September 2004 Strategic Planning and the New Academic Year

May 2004 An Up-Close Look at an IES Review Panel

April 2004 New Center for Science and Mathematics and the Schools

March 2004 A Good Book to Read

February 2004 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education at Penn State

December 2003 Keeping Pace with Technology in the College

November 2003 Supporting Research in the College of Education

October 2003 Strategic Planning: The Next Round

September 2003 Reflections of 2002-2003

May 2003 Promotion and Tenure in the College

April 2003 An Update on the "At-Risk" Learner Initiative in the College

March 2003 Future Fundraising in the College

February 2003 The College's Fiscal Health

December 2002 Improving Communication in the College of Education (pdf)

November 2002 Building Bridges Between Curriculum and Supervision
and Educational Administration

October 2002 Avoiding the Pitfalls of Purchasing (pdf)

September 2002 A New Academic Year and Some New Challenges (pdf)

May 2002 Some Further Thoughts About Strategic Planning (pdf)

April 2002 Media Relations and the College (pdf)

March 2002 International Visas—A Short Course or “How to Stay Out of Trouble” (pdf)

February 2002 Building a Stronger Partnership with our Alumni Society (pdf)