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International Distance Education

Announcement of Michael Moore's International Distance Education course for spring 2010

Short description: A study of distance education in various countries with application of comparative methodology to understanding differences and similarities in mission and method. No prerequisite courses are required.

Course Outline:

1. Review and critical examination of national policies, providing institutions, and educational methods used in a selection of countries, principally Brazil, South Africa, Russia, The United Kingdom, and China, with others dependent on students’ interests.
2. Discussion of the differences and similarities in the evolution and current state of distance education in these countries, aimed at improving students’ understanding of the philosophy, methodology, and the issues and problems that distance education responds to as well as those it causes.

Brief Description

The instructor, Dr. Michael G. Moore, has more than forty years’ experience in distance education with extensive engagement in several of the thirty countries in which he has either lived, consulted, or visited professionally. The intention of the course is to allow him to expose students to knowledge and insights earned in this experience and to stimulate students to further study and possibly practice distance education. As a member of the Comparative and International Studies faculty, as well as the Adult Education faculty, Dr. Moore hopes to provide opportunity to both American and international students to apply methods of comparative study in their discussions and writings in this course. As well as students in the Adult Education and Instructional Systems programs in the department of LPS, the course should appeal to Penn State staff engaged in delivery of distance education programs and also to students of Higher Education and Teacher Education, both well-established arenas of contemporary distance education applications overseas and increasingly in the United States.

ADTED 597C: International Distance Education
SCHEDULE #: 466465
Meets Mondays 6:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. in 113 Keller Building

For further information about the course, please contact Dr. Michael Moore at