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Images: October - December 2013

Deb Schussler
Colleen Shaughnessy with students in Africa
Colleen Shaughnessy teaching a class in Africa
Tara Perpignan in class with students in Ecuador
Tara Perpignan poses with students in Ecuador
Katie Haskins
Yvonne Winborne Wins Miss Black and Gold Pageant
Andrew Adamietz as Jean Valjean in "Les Misérables "
Avatars in Second Life
William Diehl
Joseph Harford
Macy Laster
Carly Presher
Carmen Strand and her husband swimming with a massive manta ray
Carmen Strand and her husband pose on a beach in Hawaii
Carmen Strand and husband swimming with a manta ray
Slash test image
A sample of a Slash test image.
Maze test image
A sample of a Maze test.
Laura Mincemoyer Egan
Laura Mincemoyer Egan
Dean Monk receiving 2013 PAC-TE Friend of Education Award from PAC-TE president Dr. C. Jay Hertzog
The Penn State College of Education 2013 Alumni Society Honorees
Cheryl Allen headshot
A headshot of Cheryl Allen.
Gay Krause headshot
A headshot of Gay Krause.
Stephen Payne
Penn State students in Ojibwe cultural engagement course
Bruce Martin canoes Mississippi
World map shows locations for study abroad opportunities
Laura Mincemoyer
A thumbnail photo of Laura Mincemoyer.
Will Diehl
A thumbnail photo of Will Diehl.
Bruce Martin canoeing
A thumbnail photo of Bruce Martin.
Stephen Payne
A thumbnail photo of Stephen Payne.
Susan Crandall Hart
A headshot of Susan Crandall Hart.
Joseph Levitan
A headshot of Joseph Levitan.
Jian Liao
A headshot of Jian Liao.
Liwei Wei
A headshot of Liwei Wei.
Josh Wymore
A headshot of Josh Wymore.
Yi Xiao
A headshot of Yi Xiao.
Students with baby lamb
Photo of two Rural Bedford Seminar students holding a baby lamb.
Rural Bedford Seminar students take a group shot at Flight 93 National Memorial
A photo of students visiting the Flight 93 National Memorial.
Allie Silber
Adeline Lebeaux
Newborn lamb
A photo of a lambkin.