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Student Leaders: Talia Carroll

Talia Carroll, a student leader in the College of Education, has pursued roles in which she could develop personally and professionally.
Student Leaders: Talia Carroll

Talia Carroll

UNIVERSITY PARK—For as long as she can remember, Talia Carroll has had a desire to lead.

“Since I was a child, I was always drawn to leadership positions. Here at Penn State, I’ve identified roles where I believed I could develop personally and professionally, have some influence in the organization, and learn more about the institution and its constituents,” Carroll said.

“When I’ve been asked to assume a leadership position, I’ve been humbled by the recognition of others for my willingness and ability to provide necessary leadership.”

Carroll, a doctoral candidate in the Higher Education program, was elected to serve as the Higher Education Student Association president last year.

“What I enjoyed most while in this position were my interactions with the then first-year higher education program students, and my interactions with the Higher Education Program Alumni Council,” she said.

“The students were so willing to jump right in and be actively engaged. They were so supportive of me, and I know that without them, the year could have turned out completely different. They are now major leaders in our program, which is so wonderful to see.”

Carroll is currently the editor of Higher Education in Review (HER). The goal of HER is to provide graduate students from across the country the opportunity to publish, but with the focus of receiving constructive feedback. In this and other leadership positions, she said she draws on the examples others have set for her.

“When I think about good leaders, I think about those who are patient, understanding, willing to take risks, able to effectively communicate, allow others to really utilize their talents, and do not take things personally,” Carroll said.

“I do my best to absorb all of the positive traits I see in others and make sure that I tell them what I appreciate about them. Leaders always find ways to continue to grow.”

--by Andy Elder (December 2013)