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Student Research (Compiled March 2014)

Review the latest research by our students.

McCloskey, A., Lloyd, G., & Lynch, C. (February, 2014). Fractions, algorithms, story problems, and families: Learning to teach math in a 5th grade classroom. Presentation at the Annual Conference of the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE). Irvine, CA.

Academy of Human Resource Development (AHRD) International Conference in the Americas Papers (February 2014)

Marie Saul, Woocheol Kim, Taesung Kim, The Pennsylvania State University “Leadership and Engagement: Proposing Research Agendas Through a Synthesis of Literature”

Cho Hyun Park, Woocheol Kim, The Pennsylvania State University; Ji Hoon Song, University of North Texas; Yu Kyoung Park, The Pennsylvania State University “The Impact of Ethical Leadership on Employees' In-Role Performance: The Mediating Effect of Employees' Psychological Ownership”

Jong Gyu Park, The Pennsylvania State University; Seung Won Yoon, Western Illinois University; Jeong Sik Kim, Sungkyunkwan University; Baek-Kyoo (Brian) Joo, Winona State University “The Effects of Empowering Leadership on Psychological Well-being and Job Engagement: The Mediating Role of Psychological Capital”

Ji Hoon Song, University of North Texas; Woocheol Kim, The Pennsylvania State University; Chai Dae Suk, Texas A&M University; Brian Ahn, University of North Texas “The Impact of Innovative Climate on Creating Knowledge: The Mediating Relationships of Knowledge Sharing and Work Engagement in the Korean Education Context”

Seung Won Yoon, Western Illinois University; Jong Gyu Park, The Pennsylvania State University “Knowledge Sharing: The Impacts of Learning Organization Culture and Learning Goal Orientation”

Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) Conference Penn State Presentations (March 2014)

Anagiotos, C. Cypriot, Greek-Cypriot or Turkish-Cypriot? How young adults in Cyprus learn their national identity

Anderson, E. The Social Media Construction of Education for Women's Empowerment

Brezicha, K.: Examining Immigrant Students Feelings of Belonging and their Political Socialization in the Nordic Countries

Brezicha, K. New Scholars Dissertation Workshop: Examining the relationship between immigrant students' feelings of belonging and political socialization in America and Canada

Buchko O.V. Exemplary Leadership Competencies Viewed From a Cross-Cultural Perspective

Campbell, K. 1964-2014: Re-imagining the Afri-Caribbean Diaspora: Conversations on the role of place in knowledge construction for Trinbagonian migrants to Brooklyn, New York

Chung, H.J. Uncovering the Cross-National Differences in Shadow Education

Cueto, S., Leon, J. & Miranda, A. Classroom composition and the effect of peers on student achievement and socio-emotional characteristics in Peru

Fraser, P. New Scholars Dissertation Workshop: The Worldwide Diffusion of Teacher Professional Autonomy

Fraser, P. The Progressive Ideology impact on the Chilean Educational debates and reforms at the beginning of the Twentieth Century

Henck, A. NGOs and the global ideology of childhood: Interpreting and reproducing world culture through an education policy in Nepal

Horvatek, R. How does education affect attitudes towards conflict?

Jeon, H. New Scholars Dissertation Workshop: Varying Education Gradient on Immigrants' Obesity in the United States: Concerns of Sending Countries' Nutrition Transition and Immigrants' Arrival Time

Kim-Bossard, M. Exploring imponderabilia: An ethnographic study on Korean immigrant children and their families

Krupar, A. Rethinking policy in post-conflict adult education in South Sudan and Afghanistan

Kryst, E., Kotok, S. & Bovoski, K. Rural /urban disparities in science achievement in post-socialist Eastern European countries: The whole story?

Lee, J. & Horvatek, R. (De)constructing images of childhood during conflict

Lee, P.W. The awareness of multicultural education transforms the current practices in museums

Leon, J. & Miranda, A. Bridging the gaps: The role of educational process variables on mitigating achievement differences in Peru

LeTendre, G., Ikoma, S., Guodong, L. & Akiba, M. Gender Differences in Outside-School Academic Activity: Homework vs. Work at Home

Liu, J. & Zhao, Q. Change of Teachers’ Collegiality in the Reform -- Examples from Two Districts in Beijing

Ma, C. & Shouse, R. Film Leaders: The Expression of Non-formal "Lingdao" in Chinese Cinema

Munoz, D. & Queupil, J.P. Inter-Institutional Collaboration Networks in Education among Chilean Higher Education Institutions: A Social Network Analysis

Owiny, S. Environmental scan of literacy practices in Uganda and the role public libraries play to match EFA goals

Park, H., Jeon, H. & Byun, S. Do different motivations to become a teacher lead to different results in their student achievement?: The case of South Korea

Persson, A., Smith, W. & Brezicha, K. Within and Between Generation Assimilation of Immigrant Students in Traditional Settlement Countries

Post, D. & Levitan, J. Student achievement, ethnicity, and after-school work: A comparative study

Shouse, R. & Ma, C. Creative Learning and Leading in East Asian Schools

Smith, W. Large Scale Cross National Studies Workshop: Strengthening the analysis of large scale international studies: First outcomes of the Thomas J. Alexander Fellowship programme

Smith, W. The effect of national testing policies on school structures and student outcomes.

Stager, S., Obeysekare, E. & Asino, T. Are Massively Open Online Courses a way for developing countries to realising EFA goals or another ICT tool for the privileged

Sausner, E. & Brezicha, K. Questioning the metrics: International civic measures and youth political actions in Chile and Colombia

Tang, H. Cultural Awareness Impacts Chinese Learners’ Perceptions of MOOCs

Tao, Y. Cross-National Analysis of the Role of School Choice in Educational Inequality

Tiwari, A. & Shouse, R. Corporal punishment is banned in schools? Status of global movements to outlaw corporal punishment

Wik Hung, P. The Role of Instruction under Test-Based Accountability Policy

Ye, X. Challenges Chinese Non-immigrant and Immigrant Parents Experienced in Developing their Children’s Emergent Literacy in the U.S.

Zhao, Q. & Liu, J. How to Evaluate Parents’ School Satisfaction: An Analysis of a Quantitative Tool