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College of Education Papers at 2012 AERA Conference

A listing of papers presented by College of Education faculty, staff, and students at AERA 2012.

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – Penn State’s College of Education was well represented at the 2012 Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association, which was held in Vancouver, Canada in April. The following faculty, staff, and students authored or co-authored papers for this year’s event.

Patricia Ahrens and Denise G. Meister
Resiliency: Four Veteran Teachers’ Reflections on Staying Engaged

Fran Arbaugh, Cynthia E. Taylor, Rebecca Bruton, Kathryn B. Chval, John K. Lannin, Matthew Michael Webb
Examining Expert Secondary Mathematics Teachers’ Thinking About Mathematics Instruction

John K. Lannin, Matthew Michael Webb, Kathryn B. Chval, Fran Arbaugh, Rebecca Bruton, Cynthia E. Taylor
The Development of Beginning Mathematics Teachers’ Pedagogical Content Knowledge

Kira J. Baker-Doyle, Guadalupe Kasper
Building Networks for Youth Engagement: Social Networks and Change in Youth-Led Participatory Action Research

Rebecca W. Burns, Bernard J. Badiali
Supervision in the Professional Development School: A Case Analysis of Two School-Based Hybrid Educators

Soo-Yong Byun, Matthew J. Irvin
Effects of Advanced Math Course Taking on Math Achievement, High School Completion, and Postsecondary Entry: Evidence From the Educational Longitudinal Study

Kimeka G. Campbell, Esther Prins
Taking Initiative and Constructing Identity: International Graduate Student Spouses’ Adjustment and Social Integration in a University Town

Robin Lee Clausen, Orrin T. Murray, Jeanne Vilberg
Teacher Integration of 21st-Century Skills in Technology Rich Classrooms

Joseph M. Valente, Kathleen M. Collins
[Dis]ableing Inclusion: Critical Personal Narratives of How Inclusion Can Exclude

Kathleen M. Collins, Patrick Shannon, Kathleen Shannon
“Teach Me, Don’t Label Me”: Reading Specialist Candidates Reflect on the Discourses That Shape Their Work With “Special” Students

Michael Cook, Hongli Li, Wik Hung Pun, Steven Shaffer, Doug Hogan, Hoi K. Suen, Thomas P. Horejes, Joseph M. Valente
Kindergartens for the Deaf in Three Countries: Japan, France, and the United States

Brendaly E. Drayton
The Role of Identity in the Literacy Experiences of African American Males

Aimee A. Howley, Marged D. Howley, Craig B. Howley, Karen Eppley
How Agricultural Science Trumps Rural Community in the Discourse of U.S. History Textbooks

Susan C. Faircloth, Erica Frankenberg
School Context, Teacher Characteristics, and Indigenous Students: Findings From the 2007–2008 Schools and Staffing Survey

Erica Frankenberg
Wither the Suburban Ideal? Understanding Contemporary Suburban School Contexts

Erica Frankenberg, Elizabeth H. DeBray, Kathryn A. McDermott
The Changing Politics of Diversity: Lessons from a Federal Technical Assistance Grant

Elizabeth H. DeBray, Kathryn A. McDermott, Erica Frankenberg
Lessons From a Federal Grant for School Diversity: Tracing a Theory of Change and Implementation of Local Policies

Tian Fu
The Effect of Social Groups and External Environments on Youths’ Smoking Experience in China

Edward J. Fuller, Michelle D. Young
A Quantitative and Qualitative Examination of Principal Turnover

Edward J. Fuller, Michelle D. Young
Principals at Low-Performing Schools: Characteristics of New Hires, Stayers, Leavers, and Their Relationship With School Outcomes

Michelle D. Young, Edward J. Fuller
Accountability Shocks and How They Influence Principal Turnover and the Distribution of Principal Characteristics

David A. Gamson, Xiaofei Lu, Sarah Anne Eckert, Hilary Knipe, Perri Hammershlag
Rereading Our Past: The Cognitive Demands of Reading and Reading Comprehension, 1900-2010

Kimberly Griffin
Diverse in Some Ways, But Not in Others: How 1.0-, 1.5-, and 2.0-Generation Black Immigrants Perceive Racial Climate at a Predominantly White University

Emily Hodge
The Emergency School Aid Act, 1970-1981: The Inducement as a Policy Tool for School Desegregation

Mary C. Hutchinson, Xenia Hadjioannou, Marisa Hockman
Addressing the Needs of 21st-Century Teachers Working With Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners

Lynn E. Cohen, James E. Johnson
A Dialectical Conception of Play Theory: Cultural-Historical Views

Junghwan Kim and Jihee Hwang
Predictors of Adult Learners’ Access to Postsecondary Education

Youb Kim
Developing Student-, Knowledge-, Assessment-, and Community-Centered ESL (English as a Second Language) Teacher Education Curriculum: Theoretical Framework

Youb Kim, Alaska Hults
Constructing Usable Knowledge About the English Language for Preservice Teachers

Ezekiel W. Kimball and Rodney P. Hughes
The Dual Commodification of Schools and Students in the Higher Education Admissions Marketplace

Ezekiel W. Kimball and Jihee Hwang
Predictors of Enrollment for Students With Disabilities in Postsecondary Education Institutions

Stephanie L. Knight
Journal of Teacher Education

Stephanie L. Knight, Dawn R. Parker, Whitney A. Zimmerman, Atmane Ikhlef
Investigating the Relationship Between Professional Development and Student-Centered Learning Environment in Qatari Math and Science Elementary Classrooms

Robert G. Smith, Stephanie L. Knight, Venkata Subbaiah Patnam
The Impact on Achievement of Teaching for Meaning among Middle School Mathematics Students

Bridget A. Bunten, Michelle Knotts
Becoming ELL (English Language Learner) Literacy Teachers: The Learning Trajectory of Three Preservice Teachers

Ilhan Kucukaydin
Saying “No!”: The Power of Transformative Learning

Donald J. Leu, Jonna M. Kulikowich, Nell Sedransk, Julie Coiro, Greg McVerry, Heidi Everett-Cacopardo, Elena E. Forzani, W. Ian O'Byrne, Lisa Zawilinski, Clint Kennedy, Michael Hillinger
An Initial Study of Online Reading Comprehension Ability in Rich and Poor School Districts

Donald J. Leu, Julie Coiro, Jonna M. Kulikowich, Heidi Everett-Cacopardo, Greg McVerry, W. Ian O'Byrne, Michael Hillinger, Clint Kennedy, Elena E. Forzani
Developing Three Formats for Assessing Online Reading Comprehension: The ORCA (Online Reading Comprehension Assessment) Project Year 3

Gina Cervetti, Michelle J. Drummond, Alison K. Billman, Jonna M. Kulikowich
Influence of Educative Curriculum Materials on Teachers’ Learning and Teaching

Jayne M. Leh, Asha K. Jitendra
A Comparison of the Effects of Teacher-Mediated and Computer-Mediated Instruction on the Mathematical Word Problem-Solving Performance of Third-Grade Students With Mathematical Difficulties

Hongli Li, Pui-Wa Lei
Reading Subskill Differences Between Students in China and the United States: Evidence From Program for International Student Assessment 2009

Pui-Wa Lei, Hongli Li
Small Sample Differential Item Functioning Estimation Using Log-Linear Smoothing with Simultaneous Item Bias Testing (SIBTEST) and Cochran’s Z

Gerald K. LeTendre, Emily R. Crawford
American Journal of Education

Lynn S. Liben
If, When, Why, and How to Address Gender in the Classroom

Rebecca S. Bigler, Lynn S. Liben
Reducing Sexism in Schools: Is Single-Sex Schooling a Solution?

Jennifer Ann Eli, Mary Beisiegel, Andrea McCloskey, Jan A. Yow
Becoming a Mathematics Educator: Novice Faculty Members’ Perceptions of the Impact of Doctoral Program Experiences

Scott B. McDonald
Professional Pedagogical Vision as an Evolving Cultural Practice for Preservice Science Teachers

Melissa N. Ray, Bonnie J. F. Meyer, Wendy Middlemiss
Effects of Age and Comprehension Skill on the Awareness of Nonfiction Text Structures

Alison L. Rutter, James F. Nolan, Bernard J. Badiali, Brian Peters, Beverly Melenyzer
The Pennsylvania PDS (Professional Development Schools) Principals Study: A Cross-Institution Research Effort

Paul L. Morgan, Yu Zhao, George Farkas
Early Reading Failure and Later Socioemotional Maladjustment

Paul L. Morgan, George Farkas, Marianne Hillemeier, Carol Hammer, Steven Maczuga
Risk Factors for Reading Difficulties in Early Childhood

Diliana Peregrina-Kretz, Angela M. Locks, Leticia Oseguera
Year-to-Year Persistence of Latina/o Students at a California State University Commuter Campus

David Perez II
Over the Ivy Wall: Latino Male Achievers Nurturing Community Cultural Wealth at a Highly Selective Predominantly White Institution

Vivien W. Chen, Suet-Ling Pong
The Effects of Catholic Schooling on 12th-Grade Mathematics Achievement: School District Variations

Lisa Lajevic, Kimberly A. Powell
A Figured World of Becoming: Positioning Identities of Preservice Art Teachers

Madhu S. Prakash
Soil not Oil: Seven Grassroots Revolutions Growing at Odds With the Academy

Madhu S. Prakash
Why Gandhi Now? Using Grassroots Postmodernism to Bring Gandhi to Bear Upon the Urgent Present

Rene Galindo, Madhu S. Prakash, Dana L. Stuchul
“More at Home, More Quiet, More Employed at the Work That Still Seems My Own to Do”: Reflections on Wendell Berry and Ivan Illich

India Menon, Karla Loya, Susan Rankin
Athletic Personnel’s Influence on the Academic Success of Student-Athletes in Featured Sports

Jay Garvey, Susan Rankin
Differences in Perceptions of Classroom Climate for Gender-Nonconforming Students: A Multilevel Analysis

Jay Garvey, Susan Rankin
Queer-Spectrum Students’ “Coming Out” Decisions: An Input-Environment-Outcomes Model Developed From a Multi-Institution National Study

Kai A. Schafft, Robert A. Petrin
Achievers, Stayers, Seekers, and Others: Residential Aspirations Among Rural High School Students

Ladislaus M. Semali
Postliteracy in the Digital Age: Implications for Literacy Education and Curriculum Development in Tanzania

Stephanie C. Serriere, Dana L. Mitra, Roi Kawai, Donnan M. Stoicovy
The Contested Spaces of a “Failing” Elementary School

Rayne A. Sperling, Crystal M. Ramsay, Aaron S. Richmond, John L. Nietfeld, Philip M. Reeves, Amanda M. Hood
General Monitoring and Instructional Scaffolds That Support Metacognition in Middle School Students

Rachel E. Nichols, Jeanine M. Staples, Lalitha M. Vasudevan, Kelly K. Wissman
Developing Research Pedagogies with Adolescents

Laura J. Stutzman, Peggy N. Van Meter, and Paul Riccomini
Middle Grades Students’ Understanding of the Number Line Representation

Anne E. Whitney
Moving From Deficit to Potential in Responding to Student Writing: Preservice/Student Writing Partnerships

Kausalai K. Wijekumar, Bonnie J. F. Meyer, Pui-Wa Lei
The Efficacy of a Web-Based Intelligent Tutoring System Designed to Teach the Structure Strategy to Fifth-Grade Students

Seth Corrigan, Whitney A. Zimmerman
Measuring the Impact of Educative Curriculum Materials on Teacher Knowledge/Efficacy and English Language Learner Student Learning