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Penn State Students Receive Graduate Fellowship Awards

The Association for Institutional Research awarded 12 of its 30 prestigious fellowships to graduate students of Penn State's College of Education.

By Laura Ormsby (July 2007)

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – The Association for Institutional Research (AIR) has awarded 12 prestigious doctoral fellowships to residential and online graduate students in the Penn State College of Education. Only 30 fellowships were awarded nationally, and the next greatest amount of fellowships awarded to multiple students at the same university totaled four.

The fellowships consist of up to $10,000 annually for up to three years of full- or part-time graduate study. The fellowships were funded by the National Center for Education Statistics.

The award recipients from Penn State are Mary Lynch, Mitzi Lewis, Betty Harper, Wendy Hall, Bryan Pearson, Nora Galambos, Barry Smith, Benjamin Klimczak, Eric Lovik, Ann Lehman, Kathryn Yerkes, and Robert Sweatman.

The goal of the AIR fellowship competition is to provide professional development opportunities to doctoral students, institutional researchers, educators, and administrators, ultimately fostering the more effective use of federal databases for institutional research in postsecondary education.