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College of Education Graduate Students Publish Fifth Volume of Higher Education in Review

Jennifer Domagal-Goldman and Betty Harper, co-editors, published the fifth volume of HER

By Pamela Batson (May 2008)

At a reception on April 25, graduate students in the College of Education celebrated the publication of the fifth volume of Higher Education in Review (HER). The peer-reviewed journal was created by the Higher Education Student Association in 2003 and is managed by graduate students in the Higher Education Program at Penn State.  This year’s journal was co-edited by Jennifer Domagal-Goldman and Betty J. Harper.

“The Journal's mission has always been to provide an educational experience for its graduate student editorial board, its authors, and our review board. This year we made great strides in expanding the educational opportunities for board members and toward achieving a more collaborative learning environment for all participants," said Harper.

Domagal-Goldman and Harper reported receiving a record number of submissions and continued their scholarly engagement with members of the higher education community, both near and far. The co-editors are joined in the success of this year’s volume by contributing authors, reviewers, and staff of Higher Education in Review.

“The collaborative efforts of the HER staff are embodied in this volume. We leave the journal knowing that we are better scholars because of the experience and confident that HER will continue to improve with each successive volume,” said Domagal-Goldman.

The journal is distributed to alumni of Penn State’s Higher Education Program, administrators across Penn State, current graduate students in higher education, and to the program heads of higher education programs nationwide. Additionally, copies are sent to national conferences, to each of the authors, and to the Penn State library where it is catalogued in hard copy form and made available electronically. Editors also receive requests for copies from a variety of individuals throughout the year. All of the articles are available electronically on the Higher Education in Review Web site at and are accessible via Google Scholar.

The purpose of Higher Education in Review is to provide students experience in publishing scholarly works. The journal is meant to serve as a learning tool, and submissions are accepted only from current graduate students and those who have graduated within the past six months. Submissions from students at other universities are also accepted and encouraged.

Co-editors for the 2008-2009 academic year will be Meghan Pifer and Brad Cox.

The following is a complete list of the articles published in the fifth volume of Higher Education in Review:

The Politics of State Higher Education Funding
David A. Tandberg, Penn State

The Invisible Immigrants: Revealing 1.5 Generation Latino Immigrants and Their Bicultural Identities
Holly Holloway-Friesen, Claremont Graduate University

The Spellings Commission on the Future of Higher Education: Global Competitiveness
as a Motivation for Postsecondary Reform

Casey E. George-Jackson, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

A Phenomenological Study of How Selected College Men Construct and Define Masculinity
Jerry L. Tatum & Ralph Charlton, The College of William and Mary

Getting It Almost, Approximately, Just About Right
Patrick T. Terenzini & Ernest T. Pascarella, Penn State and University of Iowa