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David Saxe Featured in The Chronicle of Higher Education

Saxe and the College's FICE Center recently were profiled in the publication.

By Joe Savrock (March 2007)


David Saxe

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – David Saxe and the establishment of the new Center for the Study of Free Institutions and Civic Education (FICE) is the cover story article of a recent issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education. The three-page article, titled “Taking on ‘Half-Baked History’”, appears in volume 53, issue 28 of the publication.

Saxe, associate professor of social studies education, successfully landed a $500,000 grant recently from the Pennsylvania Department of Education to establish the FICE Center and serve as its director.

“At Penn State, an education professor wants to inspire his students to teach America’s past the old-fashioned way,” states the subtitle of the Chronicle article, written by Robin Wilson. The article goes on to state that FICE “will focus on educating prospective social-studies teachers, creating opportunities for them to visit historic sites and establishing a series of new courses specifically designed for them on Western civilization and America's heritage.”

The article discusses the aspiration of Pennsylvania legislators to level the bias of postsecondary social studies instruction, which many generalize as having a liberal slant at America’s universities. “Lawmakers concerned about political bias in academe believe Mr. Saxe's center could be an antidote,” says the article.

The Chronicle’s cover includes a photo of Saxe posing in a Colonial America costume. The article explains that Saxe is playing the part of John Adams in an upcoming FICE-sponsored stage presentation of the musical 1776.