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Another Successful Year for SCOPE

Eight Pennsylvania high school students participated in summer 2007's four-week intensive learning program, SCOPE, at Penn State’s College of Education.

Another Successful Year for SCOPE

By Suzanne Wayne (August 2007)

scope07lion_cp.jpgUNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – Eight Pennsylvania high school students participated in this summer’s four-week intensive learning program, SCOPE, at Penn State’s College of Education. SCOPE, or the Summer College Opportunity Program in Education, is aimed at helping high school juniors and seniors develop their writing skills, explore avenues for technological use as a student and educator, prepare for SATs, gain experience in research, become familiar with the college atmosphere, and research education as a possible career.

Starting in 2002, College of Education Director of Multicultural Student Services Maria Schmidt and assistant Charleon Jeffries began the SCOPE program to give students the chance to live on Penn State’s campus and teach them the characteristics of successful studies and life skills. The students get a hands-on experience with counselors, professors, advisors and other Penn State students while taking two classes – LLED 297A, "Language and Composition," and CI 297, "Technology as a Student Tool." Within the two classes, the students work on a research project on a topic in education to be presented on the last day of the program.

scope07fish_cp.jpgThis year’s SCOPE students participated in many activities in addition to the two classes, such as fly-fishing, touring the Bennet Family Center, participating in a ROPES Course, and meeting with faculty member Rayne Sperling, associate professor of education, to learn about different learning styles and the skills necessary to be successful students. The culmination of the four-week program took place in the Chambers Gallery on Friday, August 3, where the students presented their research projects to College of Education staff and faculty, as well as members of the community.

All 8 students really enjoyed their time in the program, and many say it will help them manage time better and have higher SAT scores.

scope07ropes_cp.jpgStudents are nominated by their high school teachers and counselors. Participating high schools work very closely with the College to identify students who are seriously interested in the education profession. From there, interested students complete an application and are interviewed. When enrolled, students earn two college credits while they are registered as true Penn State students. Additionally, there is absolutely no cost to the student for this program; housing, food, classes and activities are all covered by SCOPE.

2007 SCOPE Research Projects:

Crystalyn Espinal - High School Drop Outs: Causes and Preventions

Dauvila Goncalves - Teaching to Learn

Vanessa Herrera - “Sex Education: How Does it Help?

Kristina Huang - Step Up and Keep the Children in the Classroom

Loretta Lowman - Teachers’ Effect on Students

Leandra Poole - Reaching our Future Educators

Januarie Taylor - The (under) Achievement Gap: African-American Students at the Crossroad

Yifan Yang - Contrasting Education: Schools in China and the US