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Ten Graduate Students Receive Research Initiation Grants for 2008-09

Article about the 2008-09 Student Research Initiation Grants

by Joe Savrock (January 2009)

Ten College of Education doctoral students have been awarded Research Initiation Grants (RIGs) for the 2008–09 academic year. Sponsored by the College’s Alumni Society, the $600 grants acknowledge students who have developed strong dissertation proposals for their area of research. 

The Research Initiation Grant program supports students in the development of their major research projects with the hope that students will locate other funding for the duration of the study. Students may use the funds for research expenses, including traveling, data collection and analysis, sponsor involvement, and research materials.

The winners of 2008–09 Research Initiation Grants are:

Wen-Chun Chen
School Quality, Racial Composition, and Choice

Anna Dendy
Journeys Toward Competence with Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Clients: A Qualitative Study with Heterosexual Psychologists and Psychologists in Training

Natalie Hernandez DePalma
Maternal Relational Variables and Feeding Attitudes as Contributors to Childhood Obesity

Jennifer Hardy
Attachment and the Interpersonal Process of Psychotherapy

Tara Lee
A Mindfulness Meditation Intervention for Incarcerated Women

Norifumi Miyokawa
National Interests and International Student Access to U.S. Higher Education: Policy Advocacy of International Educators

Hien Nguyen
Effects of Constraint and Interactive Intercultural Elaboration in a Multicultural Online Discussion Board Environment

Maryjo Oster
Prevention & Politics: Sex Education Policy in Pennsylvania

Chris Radziwon
Help-Seeking Intentions in Adolescents: Links to Attachment, Distress, and Coping

Blaire Wilson Toso
Latina Mothers' Perceptions of Agency: Achieving Desires Through Discourses in Family Literacy