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Lindsay Invited to Give Presentations in England

Beverly Lindsay was recently invited to give three major presentations in England.

by Hannah Chakan (August 2011)

lindsay_sml.jpgUniversity Park, Pa. — Beverly Lindsay, professor and senior scientist of higher education and international policy studies, was recently invited to give three major presentations in England. All three presentations were given over the summer and focused on areas of her expertise in education and international affairs.

One presentation, titled “Challenges to Peace and Conflict Resolution for Universities During Social Upheavals and Terrorism,” was given at Green Templeton College of Oxford University to an invited college-wide symposium and featured highlights from her book, titled Terrorism’s Unanswered Questions, that Lindsay co-authored and co-edited.

Another presentation, titled “Universities and Global Diversity in a Geopolitical Era,” was an invited keynote presentation at the University of Bristol Educational Festival in Bristol. It was attended by students and professionals from the University and civic leaders and professionals from the Bristol metropolitan area. It featured highlights from another book she co-authored and co-edited, titled Universities and Global Diversity: Preparing Educators for Tomorrow.

Lindsay also gave a presentation, “University Engagement in Domestic and International Venues: Future Paradigms from New Orleans and England?” to the Institute of Education of the University of London. Lindsay holds the position of Invited Visiting Professor at the Institute. She was invited to fill this position based on her research in which she focused on university engagement involving two private universities in New Orleans during the post-Katrina era and evolving university engagement in English universities.

“An exciting and new part was advising doctoral students in England and helping them prepare for their ‘viva’,” Lindsay said. “A viva is roughly equivalent to an American Ph.D. comprehensive examination, only much more arduous.”

Lindsay also holds the position of Inaugural University Fellow and Professor in the Office of the President at Dillard University in New Orleans. This position required her chairing a university-wide task force on rebuilding New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, research that focused on university engagement, and fostering the development of a University Policy Center to guide leadership efforts to build peaceful and responsive environments post-Katrina.

Lindsay was recently interviewed by The Chronicle of Higher Education for her work regarding working conditions of faculty and administrators in light of the current economic downturn and the apparent lack of mobility for various demographic groups.

Lindsay received her Ph.D. in administration and management and in program development and evaluation from American University in Washington, D.C. Some of her other professional experiences include being a visiting professor at the University of West Indies-Mona Kingston in Jamaica; being awarded Fulbright Fellowships to Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and South Korea; being named an academic fellow by the Foundation for Democracies and traveling to Israel for research and observations; and being named an executive fellow and professor of multi-track diplomacy and international policy administration for the Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy in Washington, D.C. where she supervised students in international affairs from Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, George Washington, and American Universities.